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LG GW990 is a Moorestown-powered MID, and it will probably make calls as well

LG is moving in to resurrect the MID with its Moorestown-powered LG GW990. Moorestown platform might just be the precursor to Atom-powered smartphones, but for now is just a resurgence of the Mobile Internet Device platform – something, which made obsolete by modern smartphones – just like PDAs.

Here’s what we know of the LG GW990 – it is powered by the Intel Moorestown platform, which includes a 45nm Atom-core Pineview CPU (basically like those new netbooks, though possibly at a lower clockspeed), a graphics controller and built-in wireless capabilities – 7.2Mbps HSDPA and 5.76Mbps HSPA in the case of the LG GW990. Moorestown platform is extra light on the gas pedal and power consumption is deemed 10 times lower than that of last year’s Atom platforms.

LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990
LG GW990 could be the saviour of the MID

The GW990 screen is 4.8″ with 1024×480 pixels resolution, putting it midway between smartphones and tablets size-wise – the sweet spot for MIDs (monsters like the HTC HD2 skew things a bit but still). The LG GW990 also packs a 5-megapixel camera as well as a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS and digital compass. The battery is 1850mAh but we don’t know what that means for battery life.

There’s no information on the OS for the LG GW990, but the interface is a definite S-Class derivative. Under the hood, it’s probably a modified Moblin OS, which is a Linux-based thing designed specifically for Moorestown devices. The wide screen is put to good use thanks to the “Multi-Window” view for enhanced multitasking- it places three screens side by side in landscape view, looking quite similar to the cards of WebOS.

LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990
More LG GW990 promises desktop browsing on the go

LG GW990 labels promise HD video and 3D gaming on the LG GW990 but as far as real-life usability goes, we’ll have to see it to judge it.

It doesn’t seem like the LG GW990 is capable of voice calls over the 3G network, but you can always use VoIP, I guess. There’s a handy earpice on board for that. Straight from the birth of the Moorestown platform Intel have been promising call capabilities so we wouldn;t be surprised if this thing can even be used as a mobile phone.

Intel and LG have partnered up and have been promising a MID for 2010 – and they’ve obviously kept their word with the GW990.


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