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It didn’t really take long: the HTC Google Nexus One can already be unlocked and rooted

Five short days was all it took the Android community to enable Google Nexus One unlocking and rooting. Read on to find how to gain administrative rights on your shiny new Android 2.1 device.

And the best part is that you don’t need to be a genius to do it on your own. There is even a video which leads you through the whole process. So, all you need are 8-9 minutes of spare time to watch it. Well that and a Nexus One phone, of course.

Along with the video the guys from the Android and Me blog have posted an extensive step-by-step guide for rooting and unlocking the Nexus One so you might want to do the reading first and then proceed with the whole thing. Bear in mind that this might (and most probably will) void your warranty. Also if you find the instructions not quite clear you might want to stop right there before you have damaged the device.

Right now, the list of available custom ROMs is quite short but given enough time it will grow to a more acceptable size. And, as you know, once you’ve rooted your Android smartphone you’ll be able to get lots of new goodies for it. You know, enabling tethering, getting some apps that only work on rooted devices… that kind of stuff.



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