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Mouthwatering Samsung SHW-M100S revealed, runs Android 2.1

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First it was the Samsung SHW-W880 with its optical zoom and all and now this. Moving to South Korea increasingly sounds as a good idea. Apparently the first Samsung handset to run Android 2.1 will only be released in the company’s homeland.

Controlled through a 3.7” AMOLED touchscreen of WVGA resolution, Samsung SHW-M100S packs a powerful 800MHz CPU, Wi-Fi, GPS, DivX support and T-DMB. Read more »

The best Android handsets battle it out on video for the “Ultimate display” title

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I’ve got a pretty interesting one for you here. Six of the most popular Android handsets have their displays compared in a mouthwatering video. Motorola MILESTONE (or Droid), Google Nexus One, T-Mobile myTouch 3G (also known as HTC Magic), HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy and Acer Liquid go head-to-head in this epic battle. Check it out after the break.

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz video samples show up, Samsung Omnia HD becomes stuff from the past

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Say what you will about the human curvature design… oh, you didn’t say anything? So it’s just me then. Well anyway, what I was trying to say was that the Sony Ericsson Vivaz (previously known as Kurara) has just become a pretty serious candidate for the best video recording handset title.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

One of the contributors over at the Sony Ericsson Product Blog published several videos captured with the Vivaz and they are pretty impressive stuff. Even more so when you think that the handset still hasn’t hit the shelves and its hardware and software will see some further optimization. Read more »

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness is up for a challenge – meet its cheap dual SIM twin, the Somy X5

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They just won’t stop doing it, will they? Those guys in China clone everything and it was about time that we meet the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness clone as well. Here is the so called Somy X5. In addition to offering a design hardly distinguishable from the original Pureness, the Somy X5 costs good 11 times less than the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness.

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Fring for the iPhone gets 3G video and voice calls too

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It might have taken Apple an year an a half to allow VoIP over cellular network but it only took Fring a couple of days to update their app to make use of that. Since yesterday one of the most popular chat clients for the iPhone is capable of doing voice and video calls over 3G networks.


Okay, so those video calls are kinda awkward without a front facing camera but it’s still something. Read more »

Another photo of HTC Supersonic, the Android-powered HD2 twin

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These days you might have spotted quite a few leaked images of the rumored CDMA-compatible HTC Supersonic. Well, today we have the best one so far to show you. The phone looks like an HD2 clone and guess what, according to the rumors, the similarities between both devices don’t end up with the design.

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition gets unboxed

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If you happen to have missed the news on the Fender Limited Edition of T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G Android-based smartphone, this is the right moment to catch up. Now, that the phone is already available in the US, the unboxing videos are spreading like wildfire. And one of them is right after the break, along with some live images of the myTouch 3G Fender Edition.

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Nokia N900 gets Android OS through a hack, looks even hotter

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It’s still at the proof of concept stages so don’t get too excited about it but apparently the Nokia N900 is perfectly capable of running the Android OS. As proven by the video after the break the hacker has enabled the cool QWERTY-equipped side-slider to run the two open-source platforms in a dual-boot mode.

I’m not particularly sure if going from Maemo to Android is an upgrade or downgrade as they both have their advantages but Read more »

Nexus One gets multi-touch support, Flash Player 10.1 also expected

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At time time of its announcement the Android-powered HTC Google Nexus One lacked multi-touch support so you were unable to use the popular pinch gesture for zooming in and out. Luckily, now there’s a cure for that. It’s unofficial, though.

And one more thing, apparently, the Nexus One will be among the blessed devices that are about to get the Flash Player 10.1. If that doesn’t ring a bell, let me tell you what this would mean to the owners of the Nexus One: full Flash support.
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When ninjas unbox a Nexus One, things are bound to get ugly

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When it comes to “unboxing”, ninjas know how to handle things… Watch how they unbox the Google Nexus One.

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The new iPhone V4 gossip roundup, wishes and rumors united

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I just stumbled upon a pretty nice roundup of all rumors about what the next iPhone could be. As you may have heard Apple prepares a big event on 27th January and most of the rumors point they will announce the first Apple Tablet (most probably named iSlate or iPad or iTablet) along with possibly the fourth generation iPhone OS. The announcement of the 4th generation iPhone is still way ahead in the future (possibly summer as usual), but that doesn’t mean there already isn’t a good pile of rumored features and specs.

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Apple’s rumored iSlate tablet stars in yet another video

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7 days to go until January 27 when Apple’s heavily rumored tablet will see daylight for the first time (or so I hope, at least). Or maybe it already did: while digging in the web I found a pretty intriguing video of a device which is said to be the iSlate. I don’t know how I let this one slip by but it looks pretty interesting to see.

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Windows Mobile 7 sets off to a flying start with two of the hottest devices you have ever heard of

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WinMo fans rejoice! Not only are the rumors of the delay of Windows Mobile 7 for next year most probably false, but also the first two devices to pack the new OS are hotter than hell. And as it turns out we will actually be seeing two different version of the Windows Mobile 7 – Business Edition and Media Edition. The Business edition will be a trimmed down version that will have lower specs’ requirements (although the screen still needs to be WVGA at the least), while the Media edition will be all about multimedia playback and social network integration.

As rumor has it, LG Apollo and HTC Obsession will be the two pioneers of the new OS. LG Apollo is said to run on a 1.3GHz Qualcomm QSD8650 CPU and pack 1GB of RAM. The AMOLED display will measure 3.8” and will sport XGA resolution (1280 x 720 pixels).
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Android, the alphabet and desserts: turning Flan into Froyo

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Whoever comes up with the codenames for the Android releases sure has a sweet tooth. We’ve had Cupcakes, Donuts and Eclairs so far. As you can see, the Android developers like the alphabet as well as sweets. The sequel was rumored to be called Flan, but now there’s talk of it being called Froyo.

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Samsung Corby Folder shows up, CDMA and Korea only for now

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The Samsung Corby line is growing by the minute – yet another one poped out, although unofficially. It brings a new form factor as well – meet the Samsung W930 a.k.a. Samsung Corby Folder.

The Samsung Corby Folder, as the name implies, is a clamshell, unlike Read more »