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Only 20 000 HTC Google Nexus One Android smartphones sold a whole week after its market launch

HTC Google Nexus One is a superphone, indeed. And it seemed to have all it takes to become a market hit as well. But apperently something went wrong, because the start of its sales is seriously short of impressive? As it turns out only around 20 000 Nexus One Android smartphones have been sold during the first week after the official market launch of the device.

So, if this trend keeps up, the Google’s first smartphone might just fail to set the world alight. Let me remind you that analysts expected 5 to 6 million Nexus Ones to be sold by the end of the year.

The first week sales of the Nexus One seem miserable when put next to the 250 000 units of Motorola DROID or the 1.6 million units of Apple iPhone 3GS in their first weeks of existence.

But let’s not forget that the HTC Google Nexus One is currently only shipping SIM-free to USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. As this list grows we might expect the sales speed to increase.

Best seller or not, one thing is for sure – the Nexus One made the beginning of this year far more exciting than I could have ever expected.



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