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Nokia’s CEO hints of a Snapdragon-powered handset

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The Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo hinted of a Snapdragon-powered Nokia device coming in the near future. He went on record saying “Qualcomm definitely is a potential partner going forward. The companies did fight a long time in court, but now we see them as a potential partner.”

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HTC Incredible is just two weeks away from its launch on Verizon, the Supersonic goes to Sprint in a week

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Two Android-based HTC smartphones are about to hit the stores in the USA really soon. Unfortunately for most of the rest of the world both of them work on CDMA networks only. Reportedly, the highly rumored HTC Incredible should be unveiled in two weeks time, while the HTC Supersonic will show up in about seven days.

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CNET put together a list of the highest SAR values for phones sold in the US

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Radiation from gadgets has long been a serious concern. There have been plenty of reports of people getting sick or having allergic reactions to gadgets of all kinds, and even though some have been debunked, the whole thing shouldn’t be dismissed completely.

CNET have put together a Top 20 list of phones sold in the US that emit the most radiation…

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Motorola BACKFLIP comes to our office, goes on video

by 480 comments

Motorola BACKFLIP is the next member of the Android family that is in for one of our trademark exhausting out-and-out reviews. We’ve been playing around with it for a few days now and we decided to give you a short video to get you prepared for what’s about to come.

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A kidney or two will get you a Celsius X-VI-II Papillon, the mechanical phone!

by 196 comments

How many of you had a calculator watch? And how many had a mechanical phone? See, mechanical is, um, cooler! Yeah. Who needs a Ferrari when you can own this head turner…

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Poor Nexus One, only 135 000 units sold for the 74 days since its launch; Updated!

by 34 comments

HTC Google Nexus One’s sales remain disappointing. Google have sold the miserable 135 000 units of their first born mobile some good 74 days after its market launch.

The Nexus One has it all. It has both the looks and the brains to become a best seller but, as it turns out, something is missing.

Now updated with new Google Nexus One availability info for AT&T and Rogers Wireless.

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Android-powered HTC Supersonic goes on video, looks swell in white

by 225 comments

The HTC HD2’s evil twin made another public appearance, starring in a short and blurry video. The CDMA-powered full-touch device that runs on Android is still very much a mystery but geeks all around the CDMA-networked world already know they want it.

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Microsoft demonstrates a game running on Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360

by 12 comments

Microsoft demoed a cross-platform game during the TechEd Middle East 2010. The game ran on their three most popular platforms – Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 sharing the saved files between them.

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Vivaz homescreen ported to Satio, 720p video recording in the works

by 28 comments

I’m sure many of you thought about the difference between Vivaz and Satio and why the 12 megapixel camera of the Satio couldn’t record 720p videos. The Vivaz has an advantage over Satio with its slightly faster 720 MHz processor, but is that really the problem?

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Nokia N900 hacked into remotely controlling your Nikon DSLR

by 431 comments

If you were to name the device with the greatest hacker appeal that would of course be the Nokia N900. The latest portion of dark side programming that we stumbled upon enables the Maemo-powered device to act as a remote shutter for a Nikon DSLR camera.

In theory the widget that the guy from DoItDifferent created should also work with other IR-enabled Nikons so it’s not only the D40 owners (the camera used for the demo) that should celebrate the news. And to sweeten and officially seal the deal you can also make the N900 sync its IR wireless trigger and its LED flash for some creative lighting effects.

Check out this short video of the N900 and D40 in action:


HTC’s latest eye-popping Sense UI ported over to Motorola DROID

by 178 comments

Motorola Droid does a lot. And now it even does HTC’s latest Sense UI version. Who cares about the missing MotoBLUR when new Sense UI is so cool!

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Impressive Nokia N86 8MP photos get printed in XXXXL size, exhibited at Heathrow

by 43 comments

And here we have a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records. An exhibition at Heathrow Terminal 5 sponsored by Heathrow / BAA, Nokia and Skyline Whitespace will be displaying prints of photos taken with the N86 8MP the size of a double decker bus.

Nokia N86 8MP
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Google Nexus One users – go get your HTC Sense UI with Flash 10.1

by 230 comments

The HTC Desire was just announced last week and somebody already has gutted its software internals and ported them in a nice package for Nexus One users to use and abuse. Android 2.1 OS, HTC Sense UI eye-candy and full Flash 10.1 support are among the goodies you get if you flash your Nexus One with the custom unofficial firmware.

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Google asked Sony Ericsson to build the Nexus One, SE turned them down, preserved their pride

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Google: “Sony Ericsson, please build the Nexus One”, Sony Ericsson: “Nah.” True story, according to Sony Ericsson’s CEO, Bert Nordberg. That’s probably not the best idea Sony Ericsson has had lately…

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Taking panoramic shots of Barcelona with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz

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We finally made it to Barcelona and as you have noticed on our frontpage, we’ve been as busy as little bees collecting info about the latest upcoming phones from all camps. I brought along with me the Sony Ericsson Vivaz on this trip and I’ve been enjoying exploring some of its features.

The ease of use of the panorama mode impressed me most so here are several panoramas that I shot on the go with it:

Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot

I’m not saying the Vivaz pano mode is unmatched by any other mobile phone, it just happens that I have this one handy. I hope you enjoy the photos.