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Neutrano WristFone is a yet another watch phone – do people really use those?

It’s a watch, but look – it can make phone calls! Yeah, it’s been done before but still, the Neutrano WristFone (get it?) is the most watch-like watch-phone I’ve seen yet…

The Neutrano WristFone has got quite a few features for such a small package – touchscreen, Bluetooth, camera, memory slot, MP3 player, even MMS and a web browser. Oh, and an e-book reader – now that alone is enough for a good laugh. Most of these things have no place on a watch phone.

The Neutrano WristFone has a 600mAh Li-Po battery, so that coupled with a good Bluetooth headset should have you chattering away for hours on end.

The Neutrano WristFone

Remind me, how are watch phones – sorry, WristFones – better than a Generic Small Cell Phone and a $20 watch?



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