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Design by Community Week 5: Connectivity, wired vs. wire-free

Design by Community, Week 5 – it’s all about connectivity, wireless connectivity to be more precise. The time has come to make a choice – wireless USB, wireless HDMI, or be a traditionalist and stick with wires?

Again Design by Community leads us to interesting topics of Now vs. The Future. For example, wireless HDMI sounds great (no wires!) but does your TV support it (probably not), or do you plan to upgrade by the time wireless HDMI gets into the mobile phone world?

Then again, you could just stick with DLNA – streaming content over Wi-Fi. Plenty of TVs today support it, but it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to stream uncompressed 1080p video. But it does have enough juice to stream compressed video, let the TV decode it and not the mobile phone that is limited by the battery.

The question about cutting the USB cable also has two sides – keeping the cable gives you an accessible way to charge your phone, the USB 3.0 specifications even allow for faster charging. But wireless USB plus wireless charging (both of which are in their infancy) are probably the way of the future, so why not make the phone future-proof?

Well, I’ll leave you to fiddle with the sliders. Next week, it’s the camera – the auto lens cover and shutter key have been decided on, but there’s more to camera than that.



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