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The iPhone multi-touch gestures demonstrated on video plus other goodies

Yesterday I told you that Apple is testing the iPad multi-touch gestures on the iPhone 4 and we might see them despite the odds. Later Apple broke all the hopes of getting this feature in iOS 4.3 as the official statement was it was just a preview to gather some developers input.

Well, despite we all know we won’t see the gestures in iOS 4.3, Antoni Nygaard has successfully ported them from the iPad beta to the iPhone one. Here is a demo video, where you can see them on an iPhone 3GS.

There are two more things that he’s managed to put into the iPhone’s iOS 4.3 beta – the customizable side switch setting and the picture frame option. With the customizable switch, similar to the iPad you can choose whether it will Mute your phone or lock the auto-rotation. Whatever you select, the opposite will be available in the multi-tasking menu.

The picture frame option is not demoed on the video, but we guess it works just as on the iPad.


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