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Here’s a LG Optimus 2X vs Nokia N8 video shootout, you bring the popcorn

Nokia N8 is the current best phone camcorder, but it has its title seriously contested by the Optimus 2X, which ups the game at Full HD 1080p. We gave you a sample video captured with the Optimus 2X not long ago, and now we have this mini shootout to show how good it really is. And there’s even a nice surprise for you if you stick with us after the jump.

It turns out that the Optimus 2X field of view is even wider than that of the Nokia N8, which has a 28mm lens. It’s rather strange that LG didn’t brag about it when announcing the dual-core smartphone, because a wide angle lens like that is a nice thing to have.

Now to the first part of the promised video shootout. First we have both handsets compared at their best settings – 1080p for the Optimus 2X and 720p for the Nokia N8. Don’t forget to switch to fullscreen!

To make the resolution advantage of the Optimus 2X easier to see, here is a couple of 100% crops, one from each video. We’ve upsized the Nokia sample to make them easier to compare. We can’t say the advantage is huge, but it’s definitely there.

On the other hand the Nokia N8 seems to have an advantage in terms of framerate here as its videos generally look smoother than the Optimus 2X output. We should bear in mind though that the Optimus 2x is a pre-production unit and it may do better when it officially hits the shelves.

Moving down to the direct 720p-vs.-720p comparison we are pleased to see that the Optimus 2X is now the smoother of the two contestants. Again, don’t forget to click that fullscreen button.

As you’ll see, it’s hard to pick a winner based on the resolved detail.

Of course, video-recording is not all about resolution and resolved detail. Things like dynamic range (where the N8 is still the king), adaptability, color balance and autofocus accuracy (if video AF is at all present) play equally important parts in capturing high-quality clips.

Still it looks like the Optimus 2X will be one of the strongest contestants of the year in the video recording category.



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