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The iPad is hitting the USA on 3 April, preorders start in a week

The iPad is coming. On April 3. And that’s as official as it gets. And if you want to be among the first owners of Apple’s latest creation, you can pre-order one starting on March 12.

Up until now it was known that the Wi-Fi-only versions of the Apple iPad will start shipping within 60 days after iPad’s announcement while the Wi-Fi + 3G capable iPads were expected to become available within a month later. Not clear enough, huh?

Well, now it can’t get any clearer. Visiting Apple’s website you’ll see that preorders in the USA start on March 12 and less than a month later, on April 3, iPod Touch’s bigger brother will start selling. The rest of the world will see the iPad an iTad later.

The prices of the diverse iPad versions remain untouched, however, there is hope for this situation to change at some point.



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