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iPad is now selling – and it’s got touchable Gmail, remote wipe and external display mode

Google rolled out iPad optimized versions of their services with tablet-oriented interface. In other news a new application allows you to use your iPad-ish or iPhone-ish device as an additional multi-touch monitor to your iMac/MacBook.

Thanks to iDisplay app you can use your iPad or iPhone as a second monitor for your iMac or MacBook. The connection works both directions via Wi-Fi or 3G and you will be able to use your Apple gadget as an input device too.

The iDisplay costs $4.99 for iPad/iPhone and is already available into the AppStore. The Mac OS X software corresponding with the mobile app is also called iDisplay and you can get it from here.

The whole thing works over a simple remote desktop VNC protocol and according to first user reports, it works quite sluggish though it’s “mousable”.

Meanwhile the Google services have been optimized for iPad use. Browsing Gmail from your tablet will surprise you with HTML5-based interface organized into two touch-optimized panes. The new interface is still experimental and will undergo more changes.

If you don’t own the new Apple gadget, but you are still curious to try the new tablet-oriented interface – there is a way. You need to use Mozilla Firefox and follow this guide. Just remember this is not intended for desktop usage.

New hi-res versions of Maps and YouTube apps for iPad are also available.

Finally, the new iPads are able to use the MobileMe security service. As usual it costs $99 per year but will make sure you can remotely erase all data on your lost or stolen device the moment it’s connected to a 3G or Wi-Fi network.

And just before the end of this article, I present you the iPad – naked!

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