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The iPad Spirit-ed away from jail, rooted in a day

The iPhone Dev-Team guys are getting so quick at jailbreaking that if they keep it up, I wonder if there will even be a point to locking down the device in the first place.

The Apple iPad was jailbroken in just a day of tinkering by porting the Spirit jailbreak. This is still an early hack, so no multitasking just yet, but seeing it on video, you can’t help but rub your hands and snicker…

The hack currently lets the developers run an SSH server on the iPad – basically, they can access its command line from another computer. But the important thing is that they have root access, the sky is the limit from now on.

Check out the video:

So, what’s on your wish list – multitasking, alternative app stores, iPhone tethering? Flash is probably a bit of a stretch though, plus plenty of sites are getting iPad-ready.

The hack is not publicly available yet, so your iPads will have to stay shackled with the Apple ball and chain a while longer.



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