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Apple iPad, we finally got it! What do you want to know?

The iPad is definitely not as hot as it used to be in the beginning of the month, but hey, getting one in good ol’ Europe was a hard enough task let alone sneaking it under the siege of an erupting volcano with a name only a mother could say right.

Anyway, now that we have it, you can bet we’ll be reviewing the iPhone’s big brother here in our blog. But only after we’re done playing with this new toy.

So far one thing’s for sure – it’s fast. The Apple’s iPad is one well-geared performer and we loved giving it various tasks just to watch the visual grace it goes about doing its things.

And yes, we would have loved it more if it had a proper OS, some USB ports and a built-in kickstand (oh, how we miss a stand!) But it doesn’t have all these things and that’s the way Apple decided to roll with it.

Apple iPadApple iPadApple iPadApple iPad

It’s too early to pass a final verdict whether it’s actually got a practical use in everyday life, but we’ll get to that in our review next week. Which gets us to tonight’s Million dollar question – what do you want to know about it? We’re here to help!


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