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HP updates ProBook and EliteBook lines, sleek aluminum bodies and Sandy Bridge CPUs

by 12 comments

HP updated the EliteBook and ProBook series with new devices and it’s aluminum and Sandy Bridge CPUs all around.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new models… Read more »

We could see a 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab unveiled next month

by 9 comments

Reportedly, a Samsung spokesperson contacted a Korean news outlet informing them Samsung will release a 8.9-inch Android tablet in the first half of the year. Following the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the manufacturer is about to unveil a smaller tablet, but still one that’s bigger than the original Galaxy Tab.

It seems there’s no stopping the tablet war from escalating.
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Sony updates its VAIO lineup with new S and C series

by 499 comments

Today Sony introduced a few new entries to its VAIO lineup of notebooks. We got the ultra-powerful yet extremely portable new S series and the neon-colored C series that should appeal to younger users.

Sony has a long tradition of squeezing some of the most potent hardware on the market in pretty light and compact shells and the new S series comes to continue this tradition. The 13-inchers sport a selection of 2nd generation Core i7 CPUs, 4GB of RAM, a discrete 6470M Radeon HD video card + Intel HD graphics combo and even a DVD drive and the thing only weighs 1.75 kilos. Read more »

Lenovo refreshes the laptop ThinkPad T, L and W series

by 183 comments

Lenovo is keen to impress with these three updated laptop series. All of them pack some serious punch, some more than others. We’re talking specs like the new i5 and i7 Intel processors, 1GB video RAM and even a 30-hour battery life. No, really!

To break it down here’s the first three from the T series – the Lenovo ThinkPad T420, T420s (14-inch) and T520 (15.6-inch). Read more »

HP will ship the TouchPad from April?

by 660 comments

HP said we should expect their WebOS 3.0 debut tablet in the summer. It turns out that it may take them less to introduce the TouchPad to the market. An unofficial source claims that April is the launch month for the new device.

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Samsung announces faster DRAM modules for your next smartphone and tablet

by 765 comments

Samsung revealed today that the development of faster 1Gbit mobile DRAM (128MB) modules has started. The new modules with wide Input/Output interface use the 50 nm class process technology and to cut straight to the point – they should be blazingly fast!

The new RAM is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets and to make it less boring, let’s bring some numbers to the table to help you grasp the benefits of the new Samsung mobile DRAM. Read more »

Lenovo launching Android-running LePad tablet in June

by 694 comments

Lenovo is one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. It’s in the top five actually. And now they’ve confirmed an Android tablet, bound for world-wide availability, is coming in June.

The Lenovo LePad
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Was MWC 2011 all about tablets this year? Here are all the slates we saw

by 18 comments

Tablets dominated much of the attention at the Mobile World Congress and with good reason. Some of the new phones weren’t terribly impressive, while there were plenty of new things in the tablet world.

Android tablets exploded in numbers. There were also two new tablet platforms (PlayBook’s OS and webOS on the TouchPad). A handful of Windows 7 tablets were on the MWC grounds too.

Here’s a quick summary of all those tablets… Read more »

Imagination Technologies announces Series6 PowerVR graphics – will be at least 20x faster than the current gen

by 13 comments

You may not have heard of Imagination Technologies, but that’s because they don’t sell anything directly to consumers. What you should have heard is their PowerVR series of graphics chips for mobile phones. The iPhone 4 has one of these babies integrated into its custom Apple A4 platform, and so do a long list of other handsets such as the LG Optimus 3D, Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Wave, Sony Ericsson Vivaz, iPhone 3GS, Nokia N900, Palm Pre, Motorola Milestone 1 & 2. You can see where this is going, right?

Today Imagination announced it’s releasing its next generation PowerVR graphics, the Series6, which will be 20-to-100 times faster that the previous, well known, Series5. Read more »

HTC Flyer on pre-order on Amazon Germany for 669 euro, updateable to Android 3.0 Honeycomb

by 9 comments

Fresh from its announcement at the MWC yesterday, the HTC Flyer is already available for pre-order over at Amazon Germany for €669.

The HTC Flyer is interesting because it marks the return of the stylus – but unlike those early styluses, the HTC Scribe technology is much more sophisticated… Read more »

NVIDIA announces quad-core Kal-El SOC, coming to a tablet near you this August

by 15 comments

NVIDIA announced their new quad-core Kal-El processor at the MWC 2011 and even showcased bragging about its computing skills. It should be the next Tegra 3 but for now we’ll have to get used to the codename Kal-El.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 specs explained in quick demo video

by 546 comments

Tech specs can be a little boring as just text, so Samsung made this video demo of their new Galaxy Tab 10.1, which goes over the juicy details.

It doesn’t really demonstrate the new Android Honeycomb tablet, it mostly recites the specs, but there’s something else about this video… Read more »

Watch the BlackBerry PlayBook slate do its fancy moves [hands-on]

by 23 comments

RIM’s PlayBook tablet is certainly taking its time to get to the market but in spite of all the rival Android tablets that are showing their faces lately, the PlayBook still looks as impressive as ever.

We get to play with it for the first time, and, man, that thing is sleek! Read more »

HTC announces the 7-inch aluminum unibody Flyer tablet at the MWC

by 20 comments

HTC just announced its first ever tablet – the 7-inch HTC Flyer, which could only mean one thing – began officially the tablet wars have!

What distinguishes the HTC Flyer from the competition is its aluminum unibody. Read more »

Check out the LG Optimus Pad street fighting Steve Jobs, you cannot miss this

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All is fair in love and war – and you’d think that on Valentine’s Day LG would go for “love”. Well, no.

Instead, they went all Street Fighter on Steve Jobs (apparently known by his wrestler name, “A pad”) around 1:00 into the ad, all in the name of promoting their new Honeycomb-running Optimus Tab…

Subtle? Hardly. But those are the guys that announce each new product about five times (check out our news section if you don’t believe me).

Sure, the LG Optimus Pad sounds pretty great and all, it’s got Read more »