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Apple iPad 2 benchmarks are out, swipes the floor with the first iPad and the Motorola Xoom

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The iPad 2 news show no signs of slowing down on the third day of its launch (except perhaps its availability). The first proper benchmarks just came in and confirmed that the A5 chip is a pretty powerful beast indeed.

Anandtech has just put the Apple custom-designed chip through its paces and found it to be substantially more capable than its A4 predecessor and the Tegra 2 SoC inside the Motorola Xoom. Read more »

Apple iPad 2 is not all sunshine and roses, doesn’t stop online availability from dwindling away

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The iPad 2 has officially hit the shelves yesterday. You’d probably want to know that if you weren’t among the guys and gals who queued in front of the Apple Stores at launch you might be left in the dry for some time. If you try to order the slate through the Apple website now you will have to wait between two and three weeks for it to ship. And that’s regardless of the version you want.

Another news is that some of the early users found some defects plaguing the iPad 2. Read more »

The Apple iPad 2 can make use of a dozen of updated iOS games, their graphics improved [VIDEO]

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In the storm of iPad 2 info today, we also got word that some games got updates so they can make use of the the iPad 2 more powerful GPU and CPU. Real racing 2 HD, N.O.V.A 2, Infinity Blade, Zen Bound 2 and Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner all got plenty of cool new effects that thanks to the improved processing power shouldn’t hurt performance.

Real Racing 2 HD

You can find information about the specifics of each update here at Appolicious.

Here’s a hands-on video of the actual gameplay of Real racing 2 HD on the iPad 2. Enjoy! Read more »

Multi-finger gesture are a go on the iPad 2 with a little tinkering, no jailbreaking needed

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The early iOS 4.3 builds had a number of multi-finger ala-MacBook gestures enabled as a developer preview of what’s to come. Unfortunately, they didn’t get through in the final retail version of the software. The good news today is that they can still be enabled with a software tweak (no jailbreaking necessary).

Now you can get four and five finger sideways swipes for alternating open applications, five-finger pinch for going back to the homescreen and four-finger swipes up for accessing running apps tray and playback buttons. Read more »

The Apple iPad 2 gets dismantled by iFixIt, 512MB RAM confirmed [VIDEO]

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The guys over at iFixit didn’t waste any time and tore an iPad 2 to pieces just a couple of hours after the thing went on sale. There weren’t many surprises to be found inside, but the 512MB of RAM got confirmed and the huge 25 Wh battery explains the impressive endurance of the iPad 2.

Oh and you should probably keep in mind that the Apple iPad 2 scored 4 (out of 10) for repairability so you better stick to official Apple care centers, rather than making any at-home fixes. Here’s a video they shot to showcase the findings. Read more »

Apple iPad 2 guided tours go live, 14 videos to show you what the tablet’s all about

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Just like it did for the first iPad, Apple released a series of demo videos of its new iPad 2 slate. If you want to check out the Apple iPad 2 in action before spending $500 (or $830) on it, please head to the company website right away. You get a host of guided video tours demonstrating most of its interface features in fine detail.

The 14 videos that you will find if you follow the Source link below should really help you decide if the device is worth it. From Facetime calls through the new Garageband and iMovie software, which both don’t even ship with the tablet – everything gets explained. Read more »

There’s a new Samsung 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab teaser, now come on, unpack it already!

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Samsung are all set at continuing this teaser game dubbed “What’s your Tab life?”. Here’s yet another poster of the upcoming mystery 8.9” tablet – we caught it on the official Samsung Mobile Facebook page.

It’s not the first one, either. Read more »

Apple Smart Cover busted, seems like a copy of someone else’s idea

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The Apple iPad 2 rocked the tech world a couple of days ago, when it became official. Along with the new iPad 2, Apple presented the Smart Cover – a seemingly must-have accessory to protect your iPad 2. However, a sleek idea like that was bound to go under the scrutiny of the press and the blogger’s community. And as it turned out, Apple’s Smart Cover may be borrowed or totally copied from elsewhere.

Not only that but the possible source of the Smart Cover is not one, there are two. The first is an accessory designer – Incase, who have a very similar product for the exact same purpose – protecting your device. It’s almost uncanny a resemblance. It’s practically the same.

Read more »

Apple offers a $100 refund for those who bought an iPad prior to the iPad 2 announcement

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Are you one of those users bought an iPad a few days prior to the iPad 2 announcement? Are you frustrated because of the sudden $100 price drop? Well, we can’t blame you though you should have seen it coming! Anyway, Apple’s thought of a way to fix your disappointment.

Read more »

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 may not be fit to tackle the heat from the iPad 2, a Samsung exec fears [UPDATED]

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In a recent interview, Lee Don-joo, senior vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, expressed concerns about the competitiveness of their Galaxy Pad 10.1 tablet. Lee Don-joo acknowledges that at 8.8mm the iPad 2 is really thin and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 might need further improvement.

Lee Don-Joo feels that some parts in Sammy’s latest tablet are “inadequate” and will have to be “improved”.
Read more »

Wi-Fi version of Motorola Xoom to cost $539 in the US, pre-orders start in Europe

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Somebody spotted a Wi-Fi version of the Motorola Xoom at a US store. The tablet is listed with a retail price of $539, which is a lot less than the CDMA variety available at Verizon.

Meanwhile in Europe the Motorola Xoom showed up in its entire connectivity-full suite in the UK and Germany.
Read more »

Apple iPad 2 arrives in UK on the 25th from Orange and T-Mobile

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It’s hardly surprising that the iPad 2 is already scheduled for launch in the UK. UK is in the second wave scheduled for 25 March following the US launch on 11 March.

For now, only T-Mobile and Orange have officially come up and confirmed they are selling it but we guess more carriers will join in.

Read more »

BlackBerry Playbook to launch on 10th April

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RIM was hoping to start selling the BlackBerry Playbook in the first quarter of the year, but it appears that they aren’t going to make it. According to sources close to the Canadian company the tablet will become available on around 10th of April.

Apparently the QNX platform isn’t completely ready yet and it will only turn Gold master on 31st of March. Read more »

So what exactly is this new Apple A5 chip all about?

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One of the key improvements the Apple iPad 2 brings over its predecessor is the new Apple A5 chipset with dual-core CPU. Traditionally, the company saved us the details and didn’t say a word about what’s inside the home-brewed architecture, but here’s what we deduced it to contain.

Now as far as the CPU is concerned, dual-core Cortex-A9 is a perfectly safe bet. Read more »

A carnival of Apple iPad 2 photos all in one place, image galore

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I figured you guys wouldn’t mind to take a look of all the iPad 2 official photos all in one place. In this post you’ll find every single image that I could dig out from Apple’s website and just have it on display in one place.

You can see the iOS 4.3 in action, the slim iPad 2 profile and much more from the new version of Apple’s tablet. Read more »