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The Galaxy Tab 10.1 may not be fit to tackle the heat from the iPad 2, a Samsung exec fears [UPDATED]

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In a recent interview, Lee Don-joo, senior vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, expressed concerns about the competitiveness of their Galaxy Pad 10.1 tablet. Lee Don-joo acknowledges that at 8.8mm the iPad 2 is really thin and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 might need further improvement.

Lee Don-Joo feels that some parts in Sammy’s latest tablet are “inadequate” and will have to be “improved”.
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Wi-Fi version of Motorola Xoom to cost $539 in the US, pre-orders start in Europe

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Somebody spotted a Wi-Fi version of the Motorola Xoom at a US store. The tablet is listed with a retail price of $539, which is a lot less than the CDMA variety available at Verizon.

Meanwhile in Europe the Motorola Xoom showed up in its entire connectivity-full suite in the UK and Germany.
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Apple iPad 2 arrives in UK on the 25th from Orange and T-Mobile

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It’s hardly surprising that the iPad 2 is already scheduled for launch in the UK. UK is in the second wave scheduled for 25 March following the US launch on 11 March.

For now, only T-Mobile and Orange have officially come up and confirmed they are selling it but we guess more carriers will join in.

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BlackBerry Playbook to launch on 10th April

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RIM was hoping to start selling the BlackBerry Playbook in the first quarter of the year, but it appears that they aren’t going to make it. According to sources close to the Canadian company the tablet will become available on around 10th of April.

Apparently the QNX platform isn’t completely ready yet and it will only turn Gold master on 31st of March. Read more »

So what exactly is this new Apple A5 chip all about?

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One of the key improvements the Apple iPad 2 brings over its predecessor is the new Apple A5 chipset with dual-core CPU. Traditionally, the company saved us the details and didn’t say a word about what’s inside the home-brewed architecture, but here’s what we deduced it to contain.

Now as far as the CPU is concerned, dual-core Cortex-A9 is a perfectly safe bet. Read more »

A carnival of Apple iPad 2 photos all in one place, image galore

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I figured you guys wouldn’t mind to take a look of all the iPad 2 official photos all in one place. In this post you’ll find every single image that I could dig out from Apple’s website and just have it on display in one place.

You can see the iOS 4.3 in action, the slim iPad 2 profile and much more from the new version of Apple’s tablet. Read more »

Watch the official iPad 2 overview right here [VIDEO]

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Apple iPad 2 has just been announced and Apple rushed out to post a video overview of the device. The iPad 2 features the same 9.7-inch 1024x768px capacitive touchscreen display as the original iPad, but it’s more powerful with the all-new dual-core A5 chip, which includes up to 9x faster graphics chip.

I can continue to go about the iPad 2′s re-design and features, but Apple has tried pretty hard to make this 6-minute-plus video, so here it is. Read more »

See what makes the new Apple’s Smart Cover so smart [VIDEO]

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The new iPad Smart Cover is a rather ingenious accessory, morphing its way depending on the situation you use it in. It’s light and flexible and it snaps magnetically to the iPad surface.

And it comes in a range of lively colors. Read more »

Here is what the Apple iPad 2 turned out to be (and also what it did not)

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In an exciting keynote led by Steve Jobs himself, the Apple iPad 2 was announced at the special event in San Francisco minutes ago. Noticeably thinner than the first iPad, it packs some serious power under the hood. Here’s all there is to know about the iPad 2 in a heartbeat.

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Pre-Apple iPad 2 event fever and rumors, stay tuned for the big announcement

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Everyone is impatiently waiting for the Apple iPad 2 announcement taking place today in less than half an hour. As you can imagine the rumors and pre-event allegations are pouring out from known and unknown sources.

Such a rumor is that we shouldn’t be so excited about the iPad 2, because it’s more of a ‘ho-hum update’ rather than something fundamental, which is what the iPad 3 Read more »

Amazon Germany momentarily shows iPad 2 specs and price – 1.2GHz CPU, 3G+Wi-Fi, 16GB and Thunderbolt for 499 euro

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The official iPad 2 announcement is drawing close (6PM London time) but that’s not stopping last-minute leaks. We already eyed up the supposed leaked photos of the second-generation iPad and now apparently Amazon Germany jumped the gun and (accidentally!) put their iPad 2 listing out in the open.

Apple iPad 2 specs on Amazon Germany (click for full size)

That simple slip up gives up a lot of details on the upcoming Apple tablet – same screen size, but faster CPU and a Thunderbolt port for example… Read more »

Presumable iPad 2 leaks in China, we have a slew of photos for you to enjoy

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We’ve found a leak of the upcoming iPad 2 in China, of all places. Mind you, no specs are released, just some photos of the device. They look sort off legitimate, but it could still be just a mockup, to throw people off, before Apples’ launch event in San Francisco later today.

The pictures are aplenty, though, showing you every side of the tablet and even comparing it to the original iPad.

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MSI is bringing yet another Android tablet with Tegra 2, the WindPad 100A

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At this year’s CeBIT (that’s the German abbreviation for World Center for Office, Information and Communications Technology) at Hannover Germany, MSI are announcing 4 tablets, one of which is an Android one. The WindPad 100A is the company’s first attempt at an Android slate and it looks promising.

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Motorola Xoom gets a pre-order price in the UK and Germany

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The Motorola Xoom is the epitomy of the Android Honeycomb tablet and it launched quite recently so it’s only natural that it gets a lot of media attention. The latest news is that the device just got a price tag and a pre-order option in the UK and a coming soon price-tag for T-Mobile Germany.

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A Samsung Unpacked event is coming up on 22nd March, should bring another Galaxy Tab or two

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It’s no secret that Samsung wants a big chunk of the tablet market. The Koreans were the first major manufacturer to release a 7” Android tablet last summer and a 10.1” slate joined it a couple of weeks ago. Now the Koreans are preparing to launch another Galaxy Tab, which should fit somewhere in between.

The teaser poster published on the Samsung Facebook page (pictured above) asks “What’s your Tab life?” and contains the numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10. With 7” and 10” devices already covered we suspect we are going to see either an 8” or a 9” Galaxy Tab announced on 22nd of March. Read more »