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Australian inventor develops Hoverbike, the words “crazy” and “I want one” come to our mind

Is it a bike? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Hoverbike. Developed by Australian inventor Chris Malloy, the Hoverbike is like a combination of a helicopter and a motorcycle that uses two massive rotors and a BMW boxer engine to cheat gravity and move around. The engine is 1170cc and develops 80KW of power at 7500rpm. According to Malloy, the engine is powerful enough to lift the Hoverbike 10,000 ft. into the air and travel at a speed of 172mph!

All the controls on the bike are handlebar mounted, which is also what you hold on to for dear life when it is travelling at those aforementioned speeds. The Hoverbike is made out of reinforced carbon fiber and foam core and uses Tasmanian oak for the propellers.

Malloy is now looking for donations so that he can turn his prototype into a fully functioning machine and put it into production. If you think you can help just go to his site and see what you can do. Doing so will even get you a chance to win one of your own Hoverbikes. To find out more about it, check out his website below. Meanwhile I will just stare at those pics and imagine it is me sitting there instead of Malloy.




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