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Angry Birds come to life thanks to T-Mobile [VIDEO]

There is no doubt that Angry Birds is possibly the greatest mobile video game yet. It is simple, yet addictive – I have personally wasted hours of my time in pursuit of the coveted three stars for each level. What is happening lately with Rovio’s creation though is even more impressive – it appears that the game has already become a part of today’s pop culture. The latest commercial from T-Mobile is a living proof of this fact – it brings the popular characters from the video game to life in the middle of Barcelona.

As you can see, the live setup is quite impressive. There is a booth with a smartphone in the middle, which you use to play the game. The birds and the slingshot are shown on a larger screen on the left so that the public can see them being shot out. And now the coolest part – after the birds are released, they “jump” out of the screen and cause the pigs to literally explode in real life.

I don’t see a logical reason why T-Mobile would create such a commercial but I can honestly say that it is absolutely epic. Check out the full video below and tell us what do you think in the comments section.



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