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It seems like Samsung Galaxy S II has a new advertising team, see why [VIDEO]

This latest Samsung ad that I am about to show you is pretty cool and miles ahead of the last one, which practically was a total fail. You know, the one with the Tron crowd running into a single and a dual tunnel, showcasing the direct effects of dual-core power – with the Durex ad styling but worse?

Yeah, that one. Well this new one is way cooler and shows a young man doing incredible stuff with his hands and prompts us to “unleash” our own.

The art, practiced by this fellow is apparently called Tutting and is a form of street dance. In this case the body parts in focus are the arms. It’s cool and you should watch it. Here it goes.

The video is from the official Samsung for France YouTube channel. To be honest I don’t quite see the relationship between the guy’s hand-dancing and the phone itself but I’m guessing Samsung is trying to imply the Galaxy S II has support for some “super multi-touch” capabilities and also implies that everything is a touch away or something. Whatever the message is, the ad is cool and it’s so different from the previous ones, that I’m almost sure the creative agency behind it is new, perhaps even French.


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