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Google pays tribute to Les Paul with a playable electric guitar doodle, let’s you record and share it as well

Today’s Google doodle is a homage to Lester William Polfuss, otherwise known as Les Paul. He was a guitarist, songwriter and known for inventing many music styles as well as the first solid body electric guitar, which made the sound of rock and roll possible.

The cool thing about this doodle is that not only can you play it with your mouse or keyboard but you can also record it and then share it with others. The doodle uses a combination of JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas (for the strings), CSS and Flash (for the audio) to work, so you will need a modern browser along with the Flash Player. The doodle also works on Android devices, provided you have Flash Player installed.

Unfortunately, the record and share function is only available to those in US but if you are elsewhere you can still play it. So what are you waiting for? Go and try your hand at it. It’s only available for one day.



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