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Windows Store opens in February to developers, will be your only source for Metro-style apps

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Microsoft has divulged some juicy details regarding the upcoming Windows Store for Windows 8. Like any application store, this will be a unified location to download apps on your Windows 8 device and will be your only source for downloading Metro-style apps.

First of all, the Store will open its doors to developers starting February, 2012. Developers can create an account by paying $49 and after that proceed to develop apps for the platform. Read more »

Opera 11.60 is out, you’ll want to use it, because Justin Bieber doesn’t

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Today, Opera software released the latest version of its desktop browser. Opera 11.60 brings a few new features to the table, including new HTML5 parsing algorithm, which should help unify code discrepancies among browsers, new email client and improved speeds for SSL sites.

The new Opera browser also comes with a new star button, which lets you quickly add sites you like to your Speed Dial. The address field has been revamped with new search suggestions and you should now be able to find your favorite websites faster. The browser engine saw some updates as well so Opera 11.60 should be the most stable version of the browser so far. Read more »

Windows 8 public beta set to arrive February 2012, allegedly

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Citing sources close to Microsoft, TheNextWeb, claims that the Windows 8 public beta is set for release in February 2012.

There’s nothing set in stone so, you know, don’t hold your breath until we hear something official. Still it doesn’t seem that unlikely as Windows 8 is expected in 2012 anyway and the MWC 2012 is a big event, a fitting place for presenting a converged desktop/mobile OS. The next iteration of Microsoft’s OS will be the first to be designed to work on both desktops and mobile devices like tablets. Read more »

Napster dies all over again, unlikely to rise from the ashes a third and final time

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In case you feel like you’ve been here before, you’re not wrong. Audiophiles who like to share audio files will remember Napster making a name for itself in 1999 and the early 2000′s and subsequently bowing out again by 2002, only to come back from the dead in 2003.

Napster take two

It now looks as though the music service won’t be cheating death a second time around however. Read more »

Windows 8 to install much quicker, 11 clicks is all you need

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The Windows installation process either frustrates people because they know it will take a lot of time (if they know how to do it at all) or intimidates them with the complexity of the procedure. Microsoft are redesigning the process for their upcoming Windows 8 OS to deal with both problems.

You can still do an advanced setup, which will let give you the most control over how the OS is installed, or you can do a streamlined setup, which is started by simply running an .EXE file or via web delivery. Read more »

Skype now offers video-calling with Facebook friends

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There are new Skype betas available for download, bringing the Facebook video-calling feature for both PC and Mac users. Back in July Facebook launched its video-calling feature, courtesy of Skype, and now you can video-chat with your friends straight from the Skype app too.

Starting a video call is easy enough. All you need is the latest beta of Skype, where you sign in with your Facebook account and voila – you’ve enabled video calls with your Facebook friends. Read more »

Motorola DROID Razr already rooted – try it now

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The Motorola DROID Razr is officially out today and the lucky ones that have received their devices have already found a 1-click rooting solution.

All you need to do to root the device is install an app called DooMLord_V2, the USB drivers (or let your OS do that automatically), set the device in debugging mode, connect it to your PC and let the app do the job for you. Read more »

Nokia Suite officially out – sheds the beta and Ovi monikers

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The Nokia Suite application is available for download over at the official Nokia support page. After a one month beta period the application is out dropping the Ovi nametag and adding a few other goodies too.

Here’s the changelog of the application. Read more »

Microsoft to release Silverlight 5 soon, will probably be the last Silverlight release

by 19 comments

After Adobe announced their plans to stop developing Flash Player for mobile devices, we’re now hearing that Microsoft plans to do the same with their own proprietary plugin, Silverlight. If you went “Silverwhat?” then I won’t be surprised. Touted as the competitor Adobe’s Flash, Microsoft’s Silverlight never really managed to gain the same amount of popularity among web developers.

But now it seems that won’t be an issue for long. Microsoft is on the verge of announcing the next version of Silverlight, with the beta version already having been released back in September. But according to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, this will probably be the last version of Silverlight. Read more »

Firefox 8 now available for download, brings nothing significant to the table, again

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It was fun in the beginning but now reporting a new version of Firefox has become as mundane as telling the time. Just a few weeks after Firefox 7 came out Mozilla has now released Firefox 8.

But this isn’t an official release yet. The official launch is slated for November 8 but keeping with their tradition Mozilla has provided the Firefox release on their FTP servers a couple of days before. Read more »

GTA V trailer goes live, right on time [VIDEO]

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Just as promised, today Rockstar released the first trailer for its hotly anticipated GTA V (that’s five) game. The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the gameplay of the upcoming action title, but gives us a rough idea of the kind of graphics we’ll be getting.

The story in GTA V will take place in the fictional city of Los Santos in California (Vinehood is in the neighbourhood too). Ok, it’s not the real Los Angeles, but I doubt this will steer too many people away from the game – real city or not, this one is still high on the wish list for millions of gamers around the globe. Read more »

Google blesses Gmail with a new interface, better navigation and search

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Google has updated the user interface of Gmail, making the popular email service even more attractive. The new UI design adds contacts images to your conversation so you can easily identify the sender of each message and lets you choose the spacing between the elements on the screen.

That makes it easy to customize Gmail for different screen sizes and resolutions. The Gmail devs have also collaborated with iStockphoto and have created new HD themes, if you are into that kind of stuff. Read more »

Opera 12 alpha sees the light of day, blows your socks off with hardware acceleration

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Opera 12 Alpha, also codenamed as Opera Next, has stepped out of the shadows and is now available for you to download. The Opera Software team has been working hard integrating a new HTML5 rendering engine, tweaking the navigation bar and most notably enabling full hardware acceleration for web page rendering.

What’s great about this hardware acceleration feature is that all the elements of a webpage get rendered by your graphics card, which increases the speed of displaying the page on your monitor. Read more »

Ubuntu 11.10 released, named ‘Oneiric Ocelot’

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Sticking to their bi-yearly schedule of releasing new updates every April and October, Canonical has released the latest version of their Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu. Called the Oneiric Ocelot, this new version takes the release number to 11.10.

Among the list of addition is a new launcher placed on the side of the screen. It reminds one of the dock in Mac OS X. The launcher even shows tiny white indicators whenever an application is running, just like the dock on Mac. You can add or remove icons from the launcher by simply dragging them. Read more »

Adobe MAX sees more clearly than ever with Photoshop’s new “unblur” feature [VIDEO]

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Adobe’s 2011 MAX event wowed the crowd with their developmental “unblur” feature.

Adobe software already sports some pretty impressive algorthim-based photo manipulation magic. First they gave us Content-aware scale, then Content-aware fill and now Unblur to sharpen shots that at the time, looked like you’d taken them whilst on a rollercoaster. Read more »