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Google preparing its own Cloud Storage service, says WSJ

Google is close to launching its very own Cloud Storage service, at least according to the Wall Street Journal. The file-storing service in question would be in direct rivalry against Dropbox, one of the hottest cloud-storage providers out there.

The main purpose of Google’s cloud service, called “Drive”, will be to meet users needs for storing files when using mobile devices like smartphone, tablets and laptops and to eliminate the need to manually sync them across desktops and vice versa, according to people, who are close to the development of Drive.

Dropbox does exactly the same and is amazingly popular, so it’s only natural that Google would want a piece of that pie as well? To make it more appealing for you to use the alleged Drive Cloud Storage service, Google will only be charging those who want to “store a large amount of files”.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the service is expected to launch in the coming months. Google I/O maybe? If Drive really launches would you ditch your Dropbox account and switch to the Google’s service instead?

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