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Opera 10.5 pre-alpha uses new Carakan JavaScript engine, almost catches up to Chrome

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There’s been some bickering between Google Chrome and Apple Safari, both claiming to be the “world’s fastest web browser”. Firefox got an updated JavaScript engine in v3.5 and is running for first place too.

With all this commotion, the developers at Opera were working in a secret facility… or, um, at their workplace or whatever, and they are almost ready to give Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine a run for its money.
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Twitter got hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army, presumably nothing stolen

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A day ago the social network Twitter was hacked by a group called “Iranian Cyber Army”. There is no harm done to the servers and databases, the attack just compromised the DNS records and redirected to a new web site, instead of Twitter.

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Google launches URL shortner, takes it like a Pro

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Short URLs are becoming more and more a part of the daily life on the Internet – especially with microblogs such as Twitter where every character counts. Google, trying to be all things on the Internet as always, launched their own. And so did Facebook.

Google launches URL shortner on the other hand are expanding their services with Pro. It’s getting quite crowded in the short URL business…
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Google Chrome released in beta for Mac and Linux, along with extensions support

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A few days ago Google released betas for both Mac and Linux for public download. In addition, the extensions gallery is up and running for Windows and Linux and you can check the available plug-ins just now. Mac extensions are also on their way, but are still in early state.

Google have been cooking Mac and Linux versions of their Chrome desktop browser for quite a while, and until recently they had only unstable alpha releases. Well, now you are welcome to download and try the new public beta version. And please enjoy the introduction of the Chrome for Mac from one of the chief engineers, who made all this possible.
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Intel readies an AppStore for netbooks, netbooks could become even more popular

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Netbooks are about to make a big step in their evolution by getting their very own AppStore. It is developed by no other than Intel, which is behind the most popular CPU used in netbooks, the Atom (you can almost say it’s the netbook CPU).

The new AppStore will be targeting both Windows and Moblin (Intel’s own Linux-based OS designed specifically for netbooks) with more platforms on the way (Adobe’s AIR and Microsoft’s Silverlight for example). Intel has ensured themselves support from the major netbook manufacturers who will preinstall the AppStore client on every device they sell.

But make no mistake, this here AppStore is no imaginary thing, it’s already opened for app submission.

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Google quietly launches Google Dictionary, continues Internet domination

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Some of the most important things in a blog writer’s toolbox are a good dictionary and a thesaurus. A good English to English helps me make sure a word means what I think it means or I’m off to the thesaurus to avoid nasty repetitions.

  I always thought “drake” meant dragon

Personally, I’ve been using and (editorial: is a good suggestion, as well), but now Google launched their own dictionary and I think I might jump ship.

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Bing Maps impresses with Bird’s eye view, Map apps

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Google Maps was probably the first free map service that allowed you to zoom in to street level and view aerial photos, not just an abstract map, for pretty much the entire world. Sure, maximum zoom level varied but for the all the major cities, you can get close enough to see cars and people.

Google then went on to add many other cool features, like Street View, but now Microsoft is catching up. Bing Maps now matches most of the functionality of Google Maps but has one more ace up its sleeve – the Bird’s eye mode, which is pretty amazing.
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Thunderbird 3 RC1 out now, tabbed browsing onboard

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A few days ago Mozilla released the Thunderbird 3 RC1 for public use. There are numerous additions and improvements to the functionality and the user interface to this popular desktop email client, OS search integration is also included. The first and most important change to the Thunderbird UI however is the tabbed email browsing.

Thunderbird RC1 ready for download

Tabbed email browsing comes naturally as the most popular web browser have been using it for quite a while. And we really liked how it’s integrated in Thunderbird 3.

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