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Internet Explorer 9 Beta coming out in an hour or so (Update – it’s out)

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Tonight Microsoft is taking a press-conference to present its latest version of Internet Explorer. IE9 beta will become available to the public right after that. The conference will begin in an hour (06:30pm London time – you can do your own math).

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Voice calls through Gmail are now official, and cheap

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Yesterday I told you that Google is about to integrate a web-based VoIP client in Gmail. Well, the new service was launched later on following my yesterday’s blog post about the rumors of it. So, if you have a Gmail account both voice and video calls are only a web browser plug-in and a few clicks away from you.

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StarCraft II rushes console games, becomes best selling game in July

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People have waited for years for the StarCraft II to come up and now that it’s finally out – it is flying off the shelves. In July, it outsold every console game even if you combine the numbers from across the different platforms…

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Firefox 4 Beta 3 shows off multitouch powers, if only I had something to use it on

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Firefox 4 Beta 3 came out yesterday and it can do some really cool stuff. Here’s something you probably didn’t expect – it can do multitouch…

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Windows XP is still king of the desktop computers, Windows 7 passes Vista

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Linux may be going strong in the mobile phone world but the desktop is another matter. It’s a Windows world out there and Linux is struggling to break 1%…

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Jolicloud hits v1.0, tries to find a place on netbooks, end Windows rule

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Windows still dominates the netbook market despite various attempts by Linux distributions to push it out. But just because you didn’t succeed at first, doesn’t mean you should give up. MeeGo for netbooks, for example, sounds great , but it’s not ready yet. So Jolicloud will try to use its hesitation in its favor and find its place under the sun. The OS that tries to appeal to users and manufacturers alike with out-of-the-box thinking just reached version 1.0.

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Google releases multiple sign-in, does what is says, Search History introduced as well

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Having more than one Google account may be pretty uncomfortable at times. But Google has finally find the solution for that: multiple sign-in. Now, logging into just one of your accounts will grant you access to your other accounts, as well. And that’s not all: as of today US Google customers can take advantage of another new feature called Search History.

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A custom package enhances Qt support on all touch Symbian phones, Samsung OmniaHD included

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We often write about the Samsung i8910 OmniaHD and the enthusiastic community of developers behind it who try to keep its software up to date (when Samsung won’t). Well, here’s the next installment of the saga – in this episode, soft modder faenil and his friend madhacker bring the full Qt libraries to the OmniaHD thus improving compatibility with some existing apps and many more to come…

You’ve probably heard that Qt is a cross-platform developing environment, on whicn Nokia stake a lot. It should allow developers to craeate apps that run on all Nokia devices no matter the underlying OS. It seems however that non-Nokia Symbian smartphones (OmniaHD included) are missing out on the fun as they are not prepared to take full use of Qt capabilities.

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty launches today, we have the honor of unboxing the Collector’s Edition

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I’m sure there is no serious gamer who doesn’t know what date is today. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is now available worldwide after 7 years of development and more than 12 years after the initial launch of the original StarCraft.

Starcraft 2Starcraft 2Starcraft 2Starcraft 2
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector’s Edition

As it’s one of my favorite games I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and it just arrived. This special edition turned out to be much better than I expected. In fact it’s awesome!
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Windows XP still has 74 percent market share, Microsoft extends its lifespan to 2020

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Windows 7 might be flying off the shelves at an amazing pace but it’s the good ol’ Windows XP that powers the huge chunk of the computers around the world, Microsoft admits. To be specific 74 percent, or about three in every four PCs worldwide are still running loyal to XP.

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Microsoft promises loads of Windows 7 based tablets by the end of the year, Windows 7 SP1 beta available now

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Today on the Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the company’s plans of releasing multiple tablets running Windows 7 by the end of this year. He also spoke about Microsoft looking forward to the cloud computing and continuing working on the Azure OS.

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Everyone is a developer with Android App Inventor

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Android App Inventor lets you create Android apps without any programming knowledge. You can create a basic interactive app in no time with the new Google tools and even easily upload it to Android Market.

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YouTube is ready for the big screen, now supports 4K ultra high-res videos

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It seems YouTube always thinks big and the result is the new support for 4K videos – 4096×2304 resolution.

Man, that’s some serious resolution. As the official YouTube blog states, to see such a movie in its full glory you’ll need a 25 feet (7.62 meters) screen. As a comparison IMAX is projected through 2K resolution projectors and the standard IMAX screen is 22×16.1 meters.

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YouTube Leanback makes for lazy watching of lolcat videos

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Google is laboring away to keep us lazy – cool, right? The appropriately named YouTube Leanback is something like Google Reader Play, but for YouTube videos.

YouTube Leanback is the successor of YouTube XL and lets you kick back, relax and view videos from your subscriptions and videos your friends have shared on Facebook… Read more »

Firefox 4 Beta 1 released for public download, get yours now

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The minefield days are over folks – Firefox 4 reached the beta stages of its development. The mine logo is now gone and bugs (expected as they may be) should no longer be too harmful to the general user experience.

The new Firefox 4 brings a host of new features plus improved performance and responsiveness. HTML5 video with support for the WebM format is what most of the fuss is about but you also get crash protection (which allows you to continue browsing even if a plug-in crashes) and improved security. Read more »