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Google Chrome 11 is out, speech input, new icon and security fixes all the way

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Google Chrome 11 is now available for download. It brings various security fixes, the brand new flat-styled icon, speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

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SugarSync will auto transfer your camera snaps to your computer for free

by 349 comments

SugarSync has now released an app for Android devices to introduce its services to the platform. It will let you sync data between your smartphone or tablet and your computer. And it’s free.

SugarSync is already available (and very successful) on iOS devices. It lets users sync files between their portable device and their computers (yes, more than one) seamlessly and for free. Read more »

uTorrent 3.0 beta released, can stream videos that are still downloading

by 9 comments

There’s a beta version of uTorrent 3.0 out and it brings a couple of great new features along with plenty other improvements as well. The biggest change is the streaming capability – you can play music of video files before they are done downloading.

That’s great for those who can’t wait for the whole file to finish or just want a quick preview… Read more »

Ovi Maps grows photo-realistic 3D buildings, desktop-only for now

by 420 comments

Nokia has given Ovi Maps a major boost in the eye-candy department of Ovi Maps. We’ve seen 3D buildings before, but Nokia and C3 Technologies collaborated to scan entire cities – down to the last detail – and produce “photo-realistic” models.

I wouldn’t quite call it photo-realistic, but it’s certainly impressive… Read more »

Microsoft Office 15 is also getting the Metro UI

by 10 comments

A few weeks ago I told you about some new Windows 8 screenshots illustrating the tablet-oriented Metro UI. Until now it was not clear whether we are going to see this user interface elsewhere or not. You’d better like the Metro UI because it will stick around for a while.

The Outlook screenshot above is taken from the Milestone 2 version of Office 15. Read more »

Microsoft shows off Internet Explorer 10 running on Tegra 2, a preview is available for download

by 14 comments

Microsoft unveiled Internet Explorer 10 – they showed it off at the MIX11 developer conference, which started yesterday at Las Vegas. They did a demo, with Windows and IE10 running on an NVIDIA Tegra platform (with ARM processor). Yup, that’s W-i-n-d-o-w-s on an ARM CPU.

The first Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10 is available for download. Wait, didn’t I just test IE9 last month? Alright, the bigger the version number, the merrier I suppose… You can ask Google, they’ll confirm. Read more »

Adobe releases Touch SDK for Photoshop – turns iPad into your Photoshop must-have accessory

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Adobe is releasing a touch SDK for developers and three apps for the iPad, which aim at turning the tablet into a capable Photoshop companion – something along the way of Wacom’s pen tablets. With the new apps you can finger-paint, color-mix, tool-shift and export to the full-featured PC version.

The touch SDK aims at giving developers the tools to create Photoshop apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. This way basically every tablet-maker (save for HP, for now) will be able to take advantage and use its tablets for professional Photoshop work. Read more »

New Skype 5.3 for Windows brings improved video-calling from your PC to mobile devices

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Skype version 5.3 (for PC) is out and you can download it right away. It brings some bug fixes and a minor UI facelift, but most importantly improved video-calling to mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, among others.

Skype developers have shifted the weight of video-calling from the mobile devices to the PC, and as it does the heavier lifting, your mobile phone can send better quality video. This should create an overall smoother experience of PC-to-mobile video calls. Read more »

Mozilla lists the top resource hogging Firefox addons, check yours now

by 704 comments

Add-ons are certainly Firefox’s greatest blessing, but sometimes they can also be its worst curse. Unfortunately, installing too many of them may seriously increase the browser start-up and page loading times even when you have some capable computer hardware at hand.

Fortunately, Mozilla is finally going to try and assist you in making your add-ons behave themselves. The company says that on average each add-on adds 10% to the start-up time on the Firefox browser so it suggests disabling the ones you are not using. Read more »

Another batch of Windows 8 shots leaks, this time we get to see the tablet UI

by 287 comments

It was just yesterday we saw a bunch of Windows 8 screenshots from the latest (Milestone 3) alpha release. Today we got something even better – a few shots from the tablet-oriented Immersive UI of Windows 8.

The Immersive web browser in Windows 8 for tablets

The screenshots above are taken from the Immersive browser, which implements the Metro UI, but acts as the desktop Internet Explorer 9. It was designed to work on a specific resolution, which resulted in the improper displaying. Read more »

Google +1 service is available for testing, go try it yourself

by 168 comments

It was just a few days ago when Google announced the +1 vote for the search results. Well now it is already available for testing, you just need to go to Google Labs and activate it.

The best part of the +1 idea is far away from the social scene though. Google will record every +1 vote to a specific website and will use that data to improve its search results.

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This is how the Windows 8 might look like, you are not going to like it

by 49 comments

The SP1 for Windows 7 hit the PCs around the world only recently, but Microsoft is already prepping the next Windows installment – version 8. Some developers aleady have access to an alpha version (Milestone 3) and we get to see a a glimpse of it right now.

The most important visual change you’ll notice is the tabbed (ribbon) structured menu on various places. It’s similar to the Microsoft Office 2010 looks and honestly, it’s quite ugly. Read more »

The Google +1 button puts the Like in your search

by 731 comments

Google is introducing the +1 button, which will be a like button, available directly on every one of your search results. The service will soon be available for testing and after that to everyone with a Google account.

The idea behind this is to vote +1 for Google search results or websites that you like. Essentially, this way you would be giving feedback to everyone else who’s interested in the same topic. You’d also be on the receiving of this new feature as the community opinion should help you find relevant information sources as well. Read more »

A new developer beta of Mac OS X Lion is out, could be Gold Master

by 274 comments

Apple has just released a new developer preview of the Mac OS X Lion. It comes after a whole month without any updates on the first release and once again you can get it through the Mac AppStore only.

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Chrome 12 dev packs new tab management, Firefox 5 UI mockups show what might be coming

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Well, version numbers in the browser world fly by faster than months. The Chrome team takes the lead with the Chrome 12 dev release with several new features including tab management improvements, a new New tab page an FPS counter and some second thoughts on the new logo.

Meanwhile, the Mozilla team is looking to speed up the major release cycle of Firefox and are already sketching new features for Firefox 5. In the next installment of the browser, we’ll see a new UI that allows you to sign into the same site several times… Read more »