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German Information Security office names Chrome the most secure browser

Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik or BSI) has declared Chrome to be the web browser of choice for Windows users who are looking for security.

German officials made it clear that a web browser is the most critical component of using online services securely. Sandboxing is pointed out as the key feature in Chrome’s security and that was found either weak or completely missing in other browsers.

The second component of Chrome that gave it the advantage was the silent update mechanism. It ensures that the browser is always up to date and because Chrome has an embedded Flash player, it gets updated along with the browser and the user always gets the most recent version.

For email, BSI recommends Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Having the best security also requires an antivirus app and German specialists say that free ones (like Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira Free Antivirus and avast! Free Antivirus) will do the job just fine.

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