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Google Earth updated to v6.2, brings seamless stitching, better search and Google+ integration

Google Earth has reached version 6.2 and with it come several improvements, the best of which is the improved rendering. It does away with the poor stitching that spoiled the viewing experience in previous versions.

The new version also adds a quick way to share a screenshot on Google+, improves searching and adds waling, biking and transit directions. The updates are coming to both the desktop and the Android version.

Google Earth uses both satellite and aerial photography, but since the images are taken at different times by different cameras, the differences between photos were often glaring. The improved rendering used in v6.2 makes everything look like it is taken from the one and the same uniform globe photo. Check out the results below, it’s really an impressive difference.

The new version adds autocomplete like Google Maps has, which is sure to save you some typing. Also, all search results are now shown in the new search layers, not just the top 10. Walking, biking and transit directions are also available in Google Earth v6.2.

In Earth v6.2 you can log into your Google+ account and share a screenshot of whatever you’re currently viewing.

I had my installation of Google Earth (6.1) check for updates but it said there weren’t any. Same with the Android version. If you can’t wait for the update to be automatically rolled out, you can manually download the new version of the desktop app from the source link below.



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