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Google introduces three new features for desktop: Voice search, Image search and Instant pages

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Google introduced a trio of new features that make searching from a desktop computer so much better. The first feature is Voice search, something that has been around on mobiles for a while.

Then there’s the Search by image feature, which does what it says and is surprisingly good at it and convenient to use too. There’s Google’s latest attempt to speed up browsing as well, called Instant Pages. Read more »

Hail to the king, baby! Duke Nukem Forever is out, I have the Balls of Steel edition [VIDEO]

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Today the world is coming to an end. All Hell is freezing. Pigs can fly. Many of you will sell their soul to the devil to repay those bets they’ve made years ago. Yes, it’s been 14 long years, but it’s finally here.

Duke Nukem Forever is out. And I’ve secured the special Balls of Steel edition in all of its glory – and here comes the unboxing on video.

Read more »

Microsoft plan on bringing self-branded tablets to market in 2012 but are they cool enough?

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It doesn’t take a genius to note that thus far the Windows 8 tech demos we’ve seen have had a big emphasis on touch interface and share a heck of a lot with Windows Phone’s Metro UI. What is more Windows 8 will almost certainly be hitting a host of tablets as well as the next generation of desktops and laptops.

mocked up windows 8 tablet on GSM Arena

Those such as ARM have already demoed a few devices with some iteration of Windows 8 but what about Microsoft stamping their own branding on a tablet. Read more »

Google Chrome 12 gets a stable release, go get it now

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The Google Chrome web browser got a new stable release – version 12 – which brings along a safer browsing experience and faster graphic performance.

The Chrome browser got safer with the enhancements added to its Safe Browsing technology. It will warn you if you’re about to enter a site with malicious content or a phishing site (a site, which tricks you into sharing personal and secure information) and will also warn you while trying to download malware. Read more »

Google Maps on Android getting live public transit timetables

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Google Maps is in league with some transit agencies in the US and Spain and Italy to give its users live updates and time tables right there on your PC or mobile device. They will tell you how long until your bus (train, etc.) will arrive at your stop.

This is actually pretty cool and is already available with no updates whatsoever for desktop browsers and Android smartphones. The currently covered cities are Turin (Italy), Madrid, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland and Google says that’s just the beginning. Read more »

Mac OS X Lion – all you need to know

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Today’s Apple WWDC started with Mac OS X Lion. The Lion has already been announced and most features have been presented before, but still Apple has saved us a few new things for today.

Mac OS X Lion will bring 250 new features, will cost $30 to upgrade from Snow Leopard and will become available (only) via the Mac AppStore in July.

Now let’s start with those features: Read more »

Sony Pictures gets hacked, 1 million accounts compromised, 50,000 released into the torrent wilderness

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Someone did it again. The LulzSec hacker group has compromised more than 1 million Sony Pictures accounts and had the opportunity to steal EVERYTHING. But the guys didn’t.

Due to the lack of resources, the hackers copied only a few thousand accounts and released them on various torrent trackers as a proof. Read more »

HTC Play could be a new online store for games by HTC

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HTC filed a request at the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect the term HTC Play as a trademark. Reportedly this is the name of a future HTC-exclusive app market for games (I’m guessing Android ones), to which every HTC phone will have access.

Now I’m not sure if another app store is what we most need at the moment, as there are, what, 10 of them already? You have the Amazon store you have the Opera store, a couple of obscure ones like SlideMe and, of course, the Android Market . I just don’t see the point. Android started off as a unified OS with its own ecosystem, spanning through manufacturer to manufacturer. Now there are Xperia PLAY-exclusive games, exclusive application stores and this all makes the choice of which droid to grab all the harder for the end user. Read more »

YouTube now supports NVIDIA’s active shutter glasses, displays 3D videos in Firefox

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In an odd collaboration Google, Firefox and NVIDIA have made a special version of YouTube, which lets you view 3D content in Firefox 4 using NVIDIA’s 3D Vision system.

YouTube has been showing 3D videos for a while now, but those were of the anaglyph variety – this update adds support for NVIDIAs active shutter glasses. Read more »

Has your Skype taken a break like ours? Read how to fix it

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We’ve gotten various reports from around the world that Skype connectivity is not operating normally. We saw a similar outage not too long ago so we hope this time it won’t be as bad as the last time.

I’d say timing couldn’t be worse as it’s been just over two weeks since Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion and this is definitely not a good start to Microsoft’s rule. Read more »

A number of Sony websites hit again by hackers, more than 10,000 affected

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Sony was victimized by hackers again as a Sony Ericsson website in Canada was breached and the personal data of 2000 people was stolen. Also details on another 8500 users were leaked on a Sony Music Entertainment website in Greece.

Among the sensitive information lost were e-mails, passwords and phone numbers. Credit card information wasn’t stolen this time so that’s a high five on that account, at least. Read more »

Windows 8 to launch in 2012 on tablets, PCs and more

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It’s no secret that Microsoft have been working hard on the next Windows installment for some time, but it’s the first time we’ve heard something official about it.

According to Steve Ballmer, Windows 8 will be optimized for “slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors”. Read more »

Lady Gaga uses Google Chrome, makes us question our choice of browser

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WARNING: The following video contains Lady Gaga. Now that we got that out of the way, here’s what it’s all about.

The video is made by Google for its Chrome browser and shows Lady Gaga communicating with her fans Read more »

ChromiumPC will be the first desktop to run Google’s Chrome OS

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The creator of the Modular computer, Xi3 is going to be the first company to bring the Chrome OS to the desktop realm, using a revamped version of it, called ChromiumPC.

The Xi3 Modular computer can easily fit in your hand as it’s really small and houses three interconnected modules – one for the processor as well as primary and secondary I/O modules. The whole thing is encased in an aluminum body, which might to us bears slight resemblance to a toaster, but is certainly among the world’s smallest desktop PC. Read more »

Mozilla launches Firefox 5 Beta, makes your Firefox 4 already seem outdated

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You’d think after a major launch such as the Firefox 4, the guys at Mozilla must be taking a break, but you’d be wrong. Mozilla recently introduced the Forefox Aurora development channel to support more frequent updates and today they released a spanking new beta of the upcoming Firefox 5.

The first beta comes to you after a mere five weeks of testing on the Firefox Aurrora channel. Read more »