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Google introduces Your World, makes search way more personal

Google aims to make search results more personal with the new Your World add-ons, which displays individual search results, depending on your likes and the likes of those in your circles.

Google introduced personal results, profiles in search and also people and pages. Personal Results puts emphasis on stuff that has been shared with you or the ones around you on Google+. So for instance if you’ve ever wanted to search Google for pictures you’ve shared via Google+ you can now see them in your results.

Profiles in Search helps you find people that you’re sharing with and ones you’re interested in following on Google. People and Pages helps you find people related to a certain topic or community – like celebrities, or tech bloggers, etc. That makes it easier for you to follow them.

Search plus Your World will become available to signed-in users on the dot com Google page in English in a couple of days.

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