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Adobe Creative Cloud bundles Creative Suite 6 with awesome services for $50 a month

Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t something terribly new. We told you about it last year, but now Adobe has revealed some juicy details about it. Like for example what it bundles. Just take a look at the quick run-down.

Does the Creative Cloud have “awesome” written all over it or what? In addition to the Touch Apps, Adobe includes the whole Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection.

And if that wasn’t enough, Adobe also throws in apps like Typekit (for embedding fonts on the web), its Digital Publishing Suite, Business Catalyst for website hosting and 20GB of storage with Sync software for your PC and mobile device.

And in return for all this great software and sweet services, Adobe asks for $50 per month for a personal license on a one-year contract, and $70 per user for businesses. Adobe also promises timely software updates for Creative Cloud subscribers. As a result, for $600 a year you get everything Adobe has to offer without having to wait and purchasing software updates separately.

Yet again, you can always choose the option to update once every two years, but it’s cool to see Adobe tries to move forward offering even more diverse services. What do you think? Does $50/month sound reasonable enough to lure you in for all this various software, services and 20GB cloud storage? Sound off your opinions in the comments.

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