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Kaspersky Lab false positive: Google ads spread no virus

If you happen to use antivirus software created by Kaspersky Lab, you have probably seen the virus warring quite a lot of times today. It turns out that a flaw in several of the company’s software products caused the unnecessary panic by recognizing all Google ads websites as infected. ZoneAlarm as well as F-Secure antivirus software products have also been affected by this problem.

Luckily the Kaspersky Lab have already stepped in and calmed everybody down by releasing an official statement. It confirms that Google aren’t spreading some sort of a virus through their sites, only their erroneous software products thought so. So, the message from above is nothing but a false alarm.

I’m glad that the guys at Kaspersky reacted so quickly with the statement and I hope that the problem will be gone quite soon. Normally, antivirus software should make us feel safe while surfing and not spread panic, right?



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