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First-person shooter RAGE demoed on an iPhone 4, ready to blow your minds in 2011

I’ve always had a crush on first-person shooters and, as a matter of fact, good FPS games are what I’ve always missed most on my mobile phones. But maybe the waiting is finally over! After all, 2011 is just around the corner and so is the RAGE. It was demoed on an iPhone 4 during this year’s QuakeCon and all I can say about what I saw on the video after the break is: amazing!

Put together the iPhone 4 and the RAGE (running at 60 fps) and you’ll get the recipe for a truly successful game. After all, the iPhone has always been a great game console. And while the game still isn’t available yet (actually, until I see it, I won’t believe it’s coming indeed), it sure looks quite impressive even at this early stage of development.

And according to John Carmack, a co-founder of the id Software (the company standing behind the upcoming RAGE), the FPS-slash-racing game would feel just as comfortably running on an elderly iPhone 2G. Now, let’s see that demo:



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