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Nokia N8 goes on pre-order in Germany as well, quite pricey yet again

Nokia fans in one more country can now go to the company’s web page and pre-order the upcoming Nokia N8. However, once again, the device is priced higher than promised.

The Nokia N8 was said to cost some 370 euro (before taxes and subsides, or around 444 euro after those) upon release but apparently the Finns have decided that their newborn is actually worth much more so the asking price for placing a pre-order is 479 euro.

Anyway, if that wasn’t enough to scare you off, head for the German Nokia website and pre-order the N8. If you do so, you could get it delivered for free. Oh, how generous from Nokia!

All five color versions are set on pre-order but there is no word on expected shipping dates. Rumors point to either any moment now or September)? We’ll see. Just stay tuned – my pals and I will let you know once the Nokia N8 hits the stores.



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