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Internet Explorer market share takes a hit as the Browser Choice screen starts rolling out

Tough times for Internet Explorer coming right ahead. Only a month has passed since the European Union forced Microsoft to give their users a choice of several browsers and the IE market share is starting to feel the heat.

Microsoft should send almost 200 million computers a browser choice screen, offering users to select a browser by the end of May. However even now, before March has ended, IE has lost market share in several of the key European markets.

According to web statistics provided by Statcounter, Internet Explorer’s share has dropped by 2.5 percents in France, by 1 percent in Britain and by 1.3 percent in Italy only in the past 22 days. If the trend continues (or even worse for Microsoft, accelerates) IE risks loosing its most popular browser status.

Meanwhile competitors are benefiting as Opera saw their downloads more than double in Europe, with downloads in Italy, Spain and Poland more than tripling. Mozilla also confirmed that they have a strong growth in their user base and expect the numbers to become even more encouraging as the Ballot Choice screen fully rolls out across all countries.

In case Microsoft still haven’t sent the choice screen update to you, you can flash forward to that moment by visiting this link.



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