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Google Voice for Android updated, made faster

Google Voice has a long list of features already, but you know how Google engineers are, they can’t help themselves but add more and more new features. The latest addition greatly speeds up notifications – no more waiting before you’re alerted of new messages in the inbox.

If you’ve got an Android phone that is…

The latest version of Google Voice for Android includes the Synchronize Inbox option (in the Refresh and notification settings), which when switched on, cuts down the time before notifications of new messages pop up on your Android phone from about 15 minutes to mere seconds.

Notifications by SMS are automatically disabled to avoid duplicate notifications.

Another update to the Google Voice app has tweaked its interface a bit – it now features functionality similar to quick contacts (a relatively new feature that arrived with Android 2.0). Tap on a contacts photo and you get a small popup that gives you the option to respond to voicemail by email or IM.

The latest version of the Google Voice app can be found in the Android Market. Unfortunately, the Google Voice service is available only in the US, sigh!



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