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Is this the iPhone 4G back cover? Hmm, I don’t think so…

by 27 comments

Yet another rumor involving the still unannounced next generation iPhone. Well, keep them coming! This time I came upon some images that are said to show how the iPhone HD back cover will look like. However, one of them clearly shows something else: that they are fake!

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Gmail gains drag&drop capability, desktop email apps tremble with fear

by 857 comments

If Gmail was enough like a desktop app for you, here’s another feature that’s been associated with desktop apps – drag and drop support. No more hunting around with the Open File dialog, just drag and drop the attachments and you’re good to go…

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Opera Mini for iPhone hits 1 million downloads in a day, tops the Appstore charts

by 526 comments

There were plenty of doubters who said Opera Mini wouldn’t be approved for the iPhone. Guess what happened after just 24 hours after it was approved – it scored over 1 million downloads. It’s as if people really wanted it, huh?

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The iPad – Will it blend?

by 1,791 comments

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves for a while now received its answer. Check it out on video after the jump.

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Virtual NYC in Google Earth with photo-textured buildings is amazing

by 6 comments

The 3D buildings in Google Earth used to be mildly impressive, but this last update makes them downright awesome (it’s New York only though). Now, the 3D buildings are textured with actual photos of the real buildings and the results are quite impressive…

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HTC considers coming up with its own proprietary OS, come on!

by 415 comments

The birth of a new mobile operating system is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I’m not quite sure if that’s exactly what the industry needs right now. Still, according to Bloomberg, HTC are considering their options and they might just come up with an OS of their own.

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Cpedia generates Wikipedia-like articles automatically, fails, but it’s good for a few laughs

by 4 comments

From the dark ages (read: AltaVista was among the best search engines around) search on the Web was pretty much typing in a query and going through a long list of excerpts from pages that might or might not have something to do with what you were looking for.

Google has been trying to jazz things up a bit with Google Goggles and the like, but a radically different idea comes from a Google Killer wanna-be, cuil – the new cpedia generates Wikipedia-like articles automatically, pulling information from the wealth of knowledge available on the Net. Great idea, but there are a few problems with it… Read more »

The international Apple iPad premiere delayed for the end of May, sigh

by 435 comments

It seems the USA fellas grabbed all the manufactured iPads and the rest of the world must wait until the end of May to get their hands on some officially imported units.

I don’t know if Apple didn’t really hope for such hype or just did their calculations wrong. Either reasons, the iPad is out of stock almost everywhere in the USA and willing customers are eagerly waiting for the next shipment.

Unfortunately, the previously promised international iPad launch that was scheduled for late April is now delayed until the end of May. The new launch date and pricing will be unveiled on 10 May.

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GetOlympus iPhone app teaches Olympus fans how to take beautiful pictures with ease

by 247 comments

Olympus fans can now enjoy the GetOlympus app for iPhone which has been available at the App Store for a little while. With its help Olympus users will be able to improve their photography skills, browse a gallery of user-submitted images and read the latest Olympus news.

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HTC Desire pays us a visit, AMOLED and HTC Sense is what you’ve been looking for

by 40 comments

Our HTC Legend review is still warm, but here comes another anticipated Droid – the Desire. Its advantages over the Legend include an AMOLED screen half inch bigger, a snappier Snapdragon CPU and more RAM.

In case you are wondering what good that does bring in real life, check out the couple of videos that we have prepared for you. Read more »

Design by Community Week 5: Connectivity, wired vs. wire-free

by 554 comments

Design by Community, Week 5 – it’s all about connectivity, wireless connectivity to be more precise. The time has come to make a choice – wireless USB, wireless HDMI, or be a traditionalist and stick with wires?

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Next generation Google Docs unveiled

by 240 comments

If you are much into sharing documents with your co-workers and buddies using the Google Docs I have some good news for you. The dev team standing behind the project has just unveiled the new and improved Google Docs that will serve you better than ever before.

In addition to adding many new features like margin ruler, formula editing bar, cell auto-complete and drag-and-drop columns the new version of Google Docs also improves performance and responsiveness. Read more »

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S brings it whole four inches of Super AMOLED-ishness to our office (video inside)

by 37 comments

That next handset that we have for a preview is a real star. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is yet another flagship aiming for a place at the top of the Android pyramid and from what we are seeing so far it might just succeed.

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Photoshop CS5 is up on preorder, features shown off in photos and videos

by 199 comments

Today Adobe Photoshop CS5 was unveiled by Adobe and though the real unveiling event won’t start until this evening, Adobe have already put up a website detailing all the amazing new features, complete with sample images and videos. Plenty of jaws around the office dropped when we first saw the content-aware fill demo video, but there’s more where that came from…

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Woods might be scarier than expected, the Nokia SatNav ad says why

by 161 comments

A hearty laugh, a healthy heart they say. Well, if you still haven’t taken your dose of laughter for today, you gotta see this Nokia SatNav ad.

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