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iTunes 9.1 update is also available, jaibroken devices must stay away

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iTunes 9.1 upgrade is now up online and you can install it on both Mac OS and Windows. The new version adds sync and management support for iPad, which launches in three days.

It seems Apple decided to put an Easter egg within the upgrade preventing some jailbroken iPhones and iPods from syncing.

The iTunes update comes just a day after the official Mac OS one, which also raised some alarms.

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The HTC EVO 4G better show us some GSM love

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The HTC EVO 4G (a.k.a. Supersonic) is one uber-smartphone. Slim, sleek, powerful and smart. It’s only that it works over CDMA networks only and we don’t have much of those here in Europe. Instead we stick to GSM networks and that’s one of the reasons our primary website is called The “Arena” thing was chosen with the old gladiator arenas in mind. We like to think that our website is where various GSM phones meet and clash in a battle for your attention. But I digress…

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Early beta of Firefox for Android (a.k.a. Fennec) already available, demoed on video

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It’s been a little while since I last heard of the Firefox for Android (a.k.a. Fennec). It was about time for its first beta version to become available. If you want to give it a try, you’ll find the link after the break but before that, enjoy the video demos I managed to find.

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Mac OS X 10.6.3 update is now available, proceed with caution

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A new update for Mac OS is now available and all Leopard users are welcomed to download it. The latest patch fixes lots of bugs, compatibility, stability and reliability issues, betters the performance and brings some new improvements over the OS functionality.

The most notable changes include fixed issues, reliability or compatibility with OpenGL apps, QuickTime X, the wireless connections, sleep/wake process and the added Data Collection services.

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500 LED flashlight will turn your night into day

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If you are looking for a flashlight powerful enough to illuminate the Great Wall of China, then by all means take a moment to check this out. This guy has put together some 500 five millimeter super-bright white LEDs and created this big-ass flashlight that you can see in action in the video after the break.

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AMD announces Opteron 4000 & 6000 – the twelve-core beasts

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AMD has just unveiled their first twelve-core CPU chips. Whoa, impressive, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the new AMD Opteron 4000 and 6000 are CPUs with mainly server applications. They upgrade the current lineup of Opteron CPUs with more than twice the performance while keeping the same power consumption.

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Apple releases guided video tours for the iPad, lots of them

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If you want to check out the Apple iPad in action before spending the thick end of 500 US dollars on it, please head to the company website right away. Apple has uploaded a host of guided video tours of their latest device that demonstrate most aspects of its interface in detail.

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The Apple iPhone 4G a.k.a. iPhone HD display poses for a video

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As the announcement of the next-gen iPhone (whatever it’s called) gets closer – rumors how it will look like start piling quickly. Now we get a glimpse of what it front will look like. Its display posed for a few pics a couple of months ago and now it even appeared on a video.

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Now you can send files in iGoogle and orkut chat right from your browser

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What’s the easiest way to send a file to someone? Launch whatever IM client you both use and send it. And now, you can do that with the iGoogle and orkut chat right from your browser…

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Design by Community week 3: Materials and paint jobs. Hot rod flames FTW!

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Exotic metals and custom paint jobs. What am I talking about? Well, the Design by Community week 3 of course. This week we’re talking materials, now that we’ve picked the display, the size and the form factor in the past weeks…

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 fated to be multi-touchless forever, its hardware is to blame

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There was hope that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 will get multi-touch support through a future software update but now this hope is gone. The XPERIA X10 hardware is to blame for the lack of multi-touch and no software update can fix that.

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Xbox 360 firmware update adds USB Flash support, coming on 6 April

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Microsoft announced they will release new firmware update for their Xbox 360 console, which will add USB flash drives support. You will be able to download it on 6 April.

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Nokia N97 and N97 mini just got smarter, thanks to the Nokia Bots

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The Nokia Labs have just released one of their latest goodies for Nokia N97 and N97 mini, the Nokia Bots. Those are a set of add-ons developed to make your life even easier. They change your phone’s profile when needed, remind you to charge its battery before it’s too late or help you reach more easily the apps you use most.

Yeap, the Nokia Bots aren’t the genie in a bottle that does the impossible for you but they do make life a little easier.

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New trailer of Despicable Me just rocks

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if you haven’t seen not even a single movie trailer of Universal’s upcoming flick, Despicable Me, well… you’ve missed a lot. Just recently I stumbled upon a new trailer and here’s a chance of catching up. It’s totally hilarious and I can’t wait to see it this summer.

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Quick mobile graphics performance comparison

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Desktop graphics isn’t as competitive as it used to be. Most users can buy a $70 card and it will be good enough for everything they do. With mobile phones however, the graphics performance field is heating up, especially with the iPhone eating into Nintendo DS and Sony PSP sales.

Android and Me has put together a quick comparison of the graphics chips of some of the top dogs in the Android world, the iPhone 3GS and I’ll throw in a few other phones as well as well…

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