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iSWiFTER lets you play Flash games on your iPad, like a boss

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One complaint that is always made about the iPad (and iOS devices in general) is the lack of Flash support. But after Apple loosened the restrictions on the App Store guidelines, we started seeing browsers that would let you play Flash videos on the iPad. However, Flash-based games, such as ones found on Facebook, were still a no go.

Not anymore though. iSWiFTER lets you play all those Flash games that you love on the iPad. Whether it is Facebook, Google+ or any other site that offers Flash-based games, you can now play them on the iPad through this nifty little browser. Of course, you can also view other Flash content in iSWiFTER, such as videos. Read more »

Apple wins injunction against Samsung in Germany, results in the Galaxy Tab 7.7 being pulled out

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In the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung, one more round has gone in favor of the Cupertino-based company. Apple won the second preliminary injunction against Samsung in Germany, causing the court to ban the sales and promotion of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the country.

A few days back Samsung had announced the Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA 2011 in Germany. The devices had large stickers on them that stated that the device won’t be offered on sale in Germany. Read more »

HTC Sense 3.5 gets unofficially ported to the company’s own Desire HD

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When we got our first glimpse of HTC Sense 3.5 a few days ago, we couldn’t help but wonder if the latest HTC UI will be made available to the older droids, offered by the Taiwanese company. Today, we have an answer to this question, albeit an unofficial one.

The screenshots which you are seeing above, Read more »

Google does a “fall spring clean”, axes a bunch of its projects

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Google announced that it will be performing some optimization of its business, shutting down ten of its minor projects. The company says it’s done in order to streamline and simplify the user experience as most of these are already integrated in its other services.

Here comes the list, along with the reasoning, as provided by the Big G itself: Read more »

Neat freaks rejoice, Samsung’s Pure Breeze UI for Android is available to try now

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Samsung have just developed and released their Pure Breeze UI. An Android based UI that has a focus on widget organization and app management.

Samsung Pure Breeze UI Banner

The first thing you notice is the inverted take on the typical Android interface. Read more »

[IFA 2011] Acer joins ultrabook bandwagon, announces the Aspire S3

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Its raining ultrabooks. Hot on the heels of Toshiba and Lenovo, Acer too has their own ultrabook out among all the shiny gadgets at the IFA 2011.

The Aspire A3 has similar specs to the two ultrabooks we saw recently, namely a 13.3-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution display, Sandy Bridge Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and 240GB SSD or 320/500GB SSD+HDD options. The attractive design makes use of aluminum and magnesium alloy. It has a spacious non-backlit keyboard and a fairly large trackpad. The Aspire A3 is 0.51-inch thick and weighs 3 pounds (1.4kg). Read more »

The Amazon Kindle Android tablet is real, will cost $250

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We’ve got some good Kindle news and some bad Kindle news for you. The good news is that the Amazon’s Android-based Kindle tablet is real and one reporter even got to play with it.

What’s even better the 7″ Amazon Kindle tablet will launch with a really cool-sounding $250 price tag. It will be, reportedly, very similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook in terms of form factor and it will a pack a full-color LCD (no eInk here). Then there’s also this rumor that a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime (worth $79 on its own) will be included in the price. Read more »

Lenovo announced IdeaPad U300s ultrabook, U300 and U400 notebooks, arriving October

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After Toshiba, Lenovo too has a new ultraportable laptop, along with two other “regular” laptops. First of them is the IdeaPad U300s ultrabook. It comes with a 13.3-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution display, glass trackpad and a full-size non-backlit keyboard that’s breathable, which means it acts as vents for the cooling system.

This 2.9 pound (1.31kg) ultrabook is only 0.58-inch thick but to achieve that thickness it compromises a bit on the connectivity options. All you get on the U300s is a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, HDMI and headphone jack. Read more »

HTC Titan and Radar prices revealed, seems quite high

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HTC Titan and Radar were officially announced yesterday at a public event that we covered live for you. And while that did give us most pieces of the puzzle, one of the most important ones was missing – we knew nothing about the pricing of either WP7 smartphone.

Now we hear that an HTC representative went on record saying that the HTC Titan will cost €609 ($868), while HTC radar will go for €399 ($569). Granted, those are European prices (German, to be specific), and they include 19% VAT, but they still seem a bit too high to us. Read more »

HTC Titan features in a bunch of ads, makes you want it even more

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Just like the HTC Radar earlier today, the HTC Titan just got to star in a bunch of ads published on its manufacturer’s website. The WP7 Mango smartphone with a 4.7″ screen is unsurprisingly looking pretty hot in the four videos that you are about to see.

Actually those videos cover pretty much the same bases as the HTC Radar ads, but for one exception. The Taiwanese company obviously thinks that the Titan will be more skilled at multitasking than its smaller-screen’d sibling and with a 1.5GHz CPU we can see where this is coming from. Read more »

EA Mobile offers great discounts on 49 iOS games for Labour day

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The developer of some of the finest mobile games, EA Mobile, has announced a huge Labour day sale, offering a nice number of its titles at reduced prices in the iOS App Store. With discounts of up to 80% 20 iPhone and iPod games are now available for just a cent under $1, while 29 of the iPad titles are going for $1.99.

There will also be discounts on in-game purchases for three iPhone-only games – Surviving High School, Cause of Death and Ghost harvest. Read more »

Gresso unveils the luxurious ArtPhone Lady Noir – an iPhone 4 with Diamonds or Swarovski crystals

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The luxurious phone manufacturer Gresso just announced yet another customized version of the Apple iPhone 4. Dubbed ArtPhone Lady Noir, this version of the iPhone 4 comes with either black diamonds or Swarovski crystals ornaments.

For your $30,000 (diamond version) or $7,000 (crystal one) you are also getting diamond-coated mineral glass to replace the regular iPhone 4 glass panels. There are also three hand-assembled clocks at the back that offer Swiss precision. Read more »

HTC Radar video ads surface, check them out

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The HTC PR team just released the first batch of video ads for the HTC Radar WP7 smartphone, which was announced yesterday. So grab the popcorn, make yourselves comfortable and get ready to be treated to a few doses of Mango goodness.

HTC has identified four key selling points of the Radar and has dedicated a video to each of them. According to the Taiwanese company the main reasons to go for the Radar are its cool looks, its great camera, its spotless connectivity and sharing options and the great entertainment option it provides. Read more »

[IFA 2011] Samsung announces special edition Series 9 laptops with crystals, here are the videos

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Samsung continues with the announcements as the IFA 2011 rolls out for the public today. We just got word that the company will be releasing a special edition of their Series 9 ultra-sleek laptops.

There will be no changes to the internals of the netbooks, but their exterior will be available in two new colors, Midnight Blue and Luxury Rose Gold, in addition to the Black version that is already available. The special edition laptops will also feature crystal accents on their bodies. Check them out in more detail in the following videos. Read more »

[IFA 2011] Toshiba announces the Portege Z830 series, claims it to be the lightest 13-inch ultrabook

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Toshiba has announced the Portege Z830, a new series of ultrabooks (that’s Intel’s buzzword for ultraportable notebooks). The 13-inch model is only .63-inches thick and weighs just 2.45 pounds (1.11kg), light enough for it to earn the “lightest 13-inch ultrabook” moniker.

The Portege Z830 uses a sleek aluminum and magnesium alloy case, which makes it light as well as sturdy. Also, the thin design doesn’t come at the cost of connectivity options, as it still has two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, SD card slot and a headphone jack. You also get a large backlit keyboard with a chiclet design. Read more »