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LG flaunts new custom Optimus UI 3.0 for its Android ICS smatphones

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LG came out public today, detailing a new concept for their custom UI skin to be used on their upcoming IceCream Sandwich smartphones. The company issued a lengthy press release that makes a lot of promising and does little in terms of actual demonstrations.

The key new features include a QuickMemo integration throughout the UI and enhanced lockscreen functionality. As any smiling South Korean girl would tell you (ok, not on their Samsung shift, they won’t), these innovations would certainly provide a more upscale user experience.

LG actually have prepared a nice little list of all the changes they’ve implemented and I’m sure you’re dying to read it (if you are not here just for the girls). So here it is along with another shot of this nice looking gal. Read more »

Google rolls out the Knowledge Graph, the smartest search of them all

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Starting today, Google is introducing its latest gen search technology. Moving away from keyword indexing, the Knowledge graph makes a transition to a world of entities, nodes and relationships. As they put it, Google will now try and search for “things, not strings”.

In the past 2 years Google has been working on the information database for the project and not it’s gathered “more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects”. In simple words, Google will recognize ambiguous search strings by understanding they might mean several things and it will adjust your search results based on your choice of topic. Still sounds vague? Well, watch this video that will hopefully explain it better than me. Read more »

Sony Xperia sola drops by the office, poses for our camera

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We have another member of the Sony NXT line in our office – the Sony Xperia sola.

The Xperia sola is positioned below the Xperia S and ion flagships and the Xperia P and in front of the Xperia U. Read more »

The first LG Optimus 4X HD video ad is out

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The LG Optimus 4X HD is expected next month but LG has already revealed its first promo video. The Optimus 4X HD is LG’s first quad-corer smartphone (it uses a Tegra 3 chipset with 1GB of RAM). We first met the device back the the MWC 2012.

The smartphone is centered around a 4.7-inch screen True HD IPS screen (also known as HD-IPS). It also comes with a 8 megapixel camera. Here’s the promo video… Read more »

Apple fight back in Siri lawsuit

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The case against Apple, which was filed back in March, claims that the company misled people in regards to the quality of the Siri voice recognition software on the iPhone 4S.

Apple have filed to dismiss the case, claiming that many of the plaintiffs’ issues with the Siri are vague and “highly individualized.” Read more »

Apple will equip the next iPhone with a 4-inch or larger screen, WSJ says

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The Apple iPhone 4S is starting to look a little dated now and even though its successor won’t get its official announcement for at least another few months, rumors are already starting to fly around.

The latest one comes from the Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the situation” and saying Apple is set to put a screen measuring at least 4-inch on the next iPhone. Read more »

Panasonic Eluga V P-06D headed to NTT DoCoMo, with Android ICS and 13.2MP camera in tow

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Panasonic continues to expand its Eluga line of droids. The latest addition goes by the name Panasonic Eluga V P-06D, which is on its way to Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. It sits between the Eluga DL1 (or P-04D as is its NTT DoCoMo name) and the Eluga Power.

The Eluga V packs a 4.6″ LCD screen with 720p resolution and it’s dust and water resistant, just like its smaller counterpart, though it’s no longer as amazingly thin – its profile measures 10.7mm. Read more »

Mozilla releases Firefox for Android Beta, we pit it against its rivals

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Mozilla has released a new beta version of the Firefox browser for Android and it brings with it some major changes. The biggest one of all is that the app is written in Java, which is native to Android, instead of the Mozilla developed XUL used on the previous versions. Due to this, you can expect some major improvements in the performance of the app.

Other big change is the new UI, which looks a lot better. It has what Mozilla calls the ‘Awesome Screen’. It’s very similar to the screen you see in Chrome for Android, with the address bar at the top, thumbnails for frequently visited sites below and right at the bottom a list of recently closed tabs. Read more »

iPhone-controlled BMW and Audi RC cars are impressively cool

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After introducing the Angry Birds RC helicopter, iHelicopter are launching their luxury iPhone-controllable SUV, saloon and sports cars.

The new luxury RC garage consists of an Audi Q7, BMW 5 F10, BMW X6 and Audi R8, each costing $59.95, which is considerably less than their full-size versions. Read more »

See what happens when you hit that Send button in Gmail

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Every one of us uses e-mail each day. But what happens when we hit that Send button? Google has been kind enough to take us through the process of how mail travels and in the mean time show everybody just how green and eco-minded the company is.

Using its interactive HTML5 website, Google has made it entertaining, informative and quite easy to understand their power usage, no matter how technically advanced you are. Read more »

AMD unleashes Trinity APUs, brings more speed and efficiency to budget computers

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AMD just unveiled its second generation lineup of APUs. The replacement for the current Llano series Accelerated Processing Units is aimed at people seeking budget PCs and notebooks, which bears the name Trinity and boasts better efficiency and speed.

In fact, the Trinity packs double the performance per watt of Lliano, which is quite an impressive achievement. Therefore, AMD’s new APU offering should impose an interesting threat to Intel’s Ivy Bridge in ultrathin notebooks and economy PC builds. Read more »

A benchmark confirms quad-core CPU and new Mali T-604 GPU for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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A result for the Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji reveals new processor and graphic core for the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1. This is another confirmation of Samsung’s last minute change of heart and the switch to a quad-core chipset for the Note tablet.

According to the leak, the model number is the same as the previous dual-core Note 10.1, but the chipset is different – Exynos 4412 with a quad-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Read more »

Facebook mobile app and website layout update to show bigger pictures

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Within a week of Google releasing an update for its iOS mobile app, Facebook too has released an update for its mobile apps and website that changes the way posts are displayed.

The posts are no longer displayed in a contiguous manner but instead appear in their own separate boxes. But most importantly, images now appear 3x bigger than before and span from edge to edge. Albums are also bigger now and show thumbnails for the contained images arranged in a single large grid. You can see from the first two pictures how it looks and how it looked before in the third picture. Read more »

Press images emerge for the Samsung Galaxy S III accessories

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As you may recall from the official unveiling of the Galaxy S III last month, the new Samsung flagship is set to have a veritable slew of accessories available.

While there are no real surprises here, these official press images will give you a closer look at what sort of extras you can expect to be available for the highly anticipated phone. Read more »

Watch how this Tizen developer tablet runs Android apps without breaking a sweat

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Tizen is now officially into its version 1.0 era and development has been going great. However, when it becomes available for everyone to use, it probably won’t have 500,000 apps at its disposal.

That’s why Samsung and Intel have wittily enabled the platform to run Android applications as well. Using a special “Application Compatibility” layer, the Tizen platform, and the first tablet it powers can run virtually any app from the Google Play store. Read more »