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Facebook introduces subscriptions, improved friend lists

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Taking a leaf out of Google+’s book, Facebook has added a couple of new and useful features. First is subscriptions. Earlier, you had to be friends with someone to read their posts on Facebook unlike on Google+ or Twitter where anyone can read anyone’s post.

With subscriptions, you can now go to someone’s Facebook profile and subscribe to their posts, so that they start appearing on your timeline without the need for the two of you to be friends. You can choose how many and what kind of posts appear on your. For example, you can disable Farmville posts from the said person if that irks you. Read more »

Samsung Epic 4G Touch now available, $199.99 on a two-year deal

by 7 comments

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is the Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II that comes with bigger display and 4G connectivity. It’s now available for purchase over at Sprint’s website and is due for delivery in 2-5 business days.

The Epic 4G Touch will set you back $199.99 on a two-year commitment. Shipping is free. Read more »

Ricoh announces GR Digital IV point and shoot, features a 28mm lens and image sensor-shift stabilization

by 5 comments

Ricoh has launched a new high-end point and shoot camera, called the GR Digital IV. This new camera features a 10 megapixel sensor and a 28mm/F1.9 lens, the latter is something you don’t often see on point and shoot cameras.

The GR Digital IV also adds an image-sensor shift type image stabilization, a first for the series. There is also a new Hybrid AF, which uses an external AF sensor with 190 AF points coupled with the conventional CCD contrast AF gives an auto-focus time of just 0.2 seconds, approximately half of the GR Digital III. Read more »

LG Marquee quick hands on

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It was only yesterday when the LG Marquee got announced for Sprint Wireless in the United States and, yet, we managed to squeeze a few moments with the droid at an event in New York.

The LG Marquee is essentially Read more »

Supposed iPhone 5 screen protector shows a wider home button and wider area

by 78 comments

A mystery screen protector has just popped up on the web, supposedly tailored for the next generation iPhone. It’s noticeably wider than the current-gen iPhone 4 and has a prolonged, wider hole for the home button.

Now let me just call fake on this for a couple of reasons. As much as we are eager to see the new iPhone finally official, we shouldn’t rush to believe every internet rumor out there. Read more »

Turn your iPhone’s iOS into OS X with this stunning mod [VIDEO]

by 49 comments

Ever wanted to have the OS X experience on your iPhone 4? We are afraid we are still some way off from having the real thing, but this latest iOS mod that we found is one great start. Dubbed Ultimatum and naturally only available to jailbroken iPhones, it mimics the Lion OS X quite successfully.

Customizations run really deep here and the mod even introduces new features including Launchpad, Finder menus, stacks etc. Read more »

Canon announces hot-looking S100 and super-zooming SX40 compacts

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Today Canon introduced two exciting new additions to its lineup of cameras – the S100 enthusiast compact and the SX40 HS superzoom. Successor of the extremely popular Canon S95, the S100 aims to deliver image class-leading image quality, while remaining really pocket-friendly, while the SX40 HS impresses with its 35x zoom lens (yeap, you read that right).

Canon PowerShot S100, as goes the full name of the compact, is built around a large 1/1.7″ sensor of 12 megapixel resolution. It also packs ultra-wide (24mm in 35mm equivalent) and ultra-bright (F/2.0) lens, which is capable of zooming in 5 times to 120mm. Read more »

Asus Eee Pad Slider to be available by this month’s end for $475

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Coming from Asus itself it seems that the Eee Pad Slider will finally be available. The Eee Pad Slider will come with Android Honeycomb 3.2 with a starting price of $475 for the 16 gig model and about $100 more for the doubled capacity 32GB model.

That’s great news and one unearthed by Engadget at a media event held last night in New York City, USA. For more official photos of the device jump past the break. Read more »

RIM sells 490,000 PlayBooks last quarter, fails to meet expectations

by 24 comments

The number of PlayBooks sold in the first full quarter of the tablet on the market was just revealed and things aren’t looking particularly good for RIM. Only 490,000 PlayBook units found their new owners over the past three months, which less than what everybody expected.

Despite the cool QNX platform, the PlayBook doesn’t sell as well as its manufacturer hoped and it appears that it won’t be making its sales targets. Market analysts have decreased their estimates for the total PlayBook shipments in the first full year of the slate to an average of 2.2 million. Read more »

Valeo lets you park your car with your iPhone 4, it’s as awesome as it sounds

by 35 comments

The iPhone is great at so many things, but we bet you never thought you could use it to park your car. And we are not talking about the distant future – we are talking here and now, thanks to Valeo and their iOS app.

The app integrates with the Park4U system which can be found on many of the recent cars from Lincoln, Ford, Audi, and Volkswagen and lets you control the acceleration and brake of your car remotely. Since Park4U basically does the rest for you, that’s all you are going to need to slot your car into the parking slot, using nothing but your iPhone. Read more »

Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8

by 21 comments

It was just yesterday that Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer’s preview, and allegedly, it has clocked more than 500,000 downloads already. Well, I already took it for a spin and I’m full of optimism about the Windows’s next edition.

This first public build is a developer’s preview alright, there are a lot of bugs and stuff but that’s understandable. What got me excited however is the integration of the Metro-style UI right into the OS complete with buttery smooth transitions and excellent animations. It feels so unlike the Windows I’m used to. Read more »

Watch Windows 8 run on Kal-El and AMD Fusion-based tablets

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We already knew that Windows 8 is super smooth on a tablet with quad-core Intel CPU, but that’s hardly a surprise now, is it? What’s more interesting is if Microsoft’s new OS will remain buttery smooth when given less powerful hardware as that will be the usual case with tablets, who need to maintain reasonable power consumption.

So here we have a couple of hands-on videos for you, showing Windows 8 running on an AMD Fusion and Nvidia Kal-el-powered slates. The first of those is a netbook-meant chip with one of the lowest power demands among x86 CPUs, while the other is an ARM-based chip, which is even more economical (even though it’s quad-core). Read more »

Microsoft sums up everything that’s great about Windows Phone Mango in a cool video ad

by 31 comments

Microsoft has just released a new ad about the upcoming Mango update of its Windows Phone smartphone platform. This one is targeted more at developers than users, but it is still a nice way to learn why it’s worth picking WP 7.1 for your next smartphone.

Microsoft has kept the video short and simple, but that hasn’t made it any less impressive. Read more »

Google Goggles updated, search-everything-you-shoot feature added

by 6 comments

Google has just announced a new version of their Goggles app for initiating searches with camera photos. Version 1.6 brings a cool new opt-in feature, which works in background to analyze every image you take and gives you notifications of anything it recognizes in it.

So now you don’t actually need to start the app and then shoot something to start a search – you just run the camera as usual and your Android smartphone will inform you if there’s anything recognizable in your photos. Read more »

Thunderbolt support announced for Wintel platform, should be here in 2012

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Apple’s implementation of Intel’s Light Peak technology is going places. Intel has now announced that they will be bringing the technology to Windows-based computers as well, with companies like ASUS and Acer joining the bandwagon and getting their products ready for a 2012 launch.

Being the same essential technology, Thunderbolt on these other devices will work the same way as it does on the new range of Mac computers. It will have the same specifications and features that Apple touts for its new range of Macs and will work with the same set of accessories. Read more »