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NVIDIA’s Kal-El quad-core chipset promises great power efficiency thanks to an extra core

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NVIDIA’s Kal-El has a secret – the quad-core CPU actually has a fifth core, called a companion core. It’s a low-power core that is meant to handle background tasks while the phone is idle (e.g. syncing email, checking Twitter for new messages and so on).

The architecture of the companion core has been designed with power efficiency in mind and its clock speed goes up to 500MHz.That doesn’t offer a lot of performance, but for a lot of tasks you don’t need it – and it manages to offer great power savings. Read more »

Google+ enters beta with a bunch of new features, lets you sign up without invitation

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Google+ has been around for about 3 months now but in field trial mode, which meant that you needed an invitation to join. But now it’s entered its beta stages and everyone can sing up for the social network project just by going to the web page of the service with no invitations required.

Google+ is still in toddler times and Google shares that there’s still a long way to go and much to accomplish, but the search giant hasn’t been wasting its time – there are now over 100 improvements and features. Read more »

Skype vulnerability leaves iOS users open to attack and theft [VIDEO]

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iOS users should watch out next time they decide to take up a conversation via Skype, they could be exposing themselves to a pretty fundamental security hole.

skype needle extraction

The vulnerability can easily be used to steal content direct from an iOS Skype user during a normal chat log and the victim is none the wiser during the attack. Read more »

Footage of how it would feel to fly over Planet Earth [VIDEO]

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Space has always captured the minds of people for centuries, from those who the spent time to map and document stars and planets across the night sky, to the first men and women who actually took flight beyond our atmosphere into the unknown.

curvature of the earth's ionosphere visible

Despite a lull is televised space exploration and media attention on space research in recent years, our love for this mysterious void is alive and well. Read more »

Nikon announces V1 and J1 mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, priced upwards of $650

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It seems Nikon has finally decided to join the mirrorless interchangeable lens bandwagon with the announcement of the Nikon V1 and J1 models. Both models feature a new CX-size 10.1 megapixel sensor with a 2.7x crop factor, 1080/30p video recording, 1200-fps slow motion capture mode, 3-inch LCD and an ISO range of 100-3200.

The J1 comes with a built-in flash, auto-noise reduction for videos, 73-point AF system, which Nikon claims is the fastest in the world, dual-core EXPEED processing engine and the ability to record videos for up to 29 minutes. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus images leak, runs Honeycomb on a 7-inch display

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It seems the old Samsung Galaxy Tab will soon be getting a successor. TmoNews has managed to acquire some hands-on images of Samsung’s next Honeycomb tablet, purportedly called the Galaxy Tab Plus (SGH-T689).

The device is said to have a 7-inch Super AMOLED or Super AMOLED Plus display with a resolution of 1024 x 600. It will also be running on a Cortex A9 and Honeycomb 3.2. Read more »

HP TouchPad Android port edges closer to completion, hardware acceleration now enabled

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After the fire sale that HP had to mark the end of webOS as we know it, the TouchPad suddenly became a very important device. A lot of people took the $100 offer and are now hoping to get as much bang for their buck as possible. Something that the abandoned webOS won’t deliver, but an Android port might just provide.

And the good news, brought by its developers themselves, are that the said port has moved another step closer to its official release. The Cyanogen team released a new video demonstrating the 3D gaming capabilities of their Android-running TouchPad. Read more »

Samsung to pursue sales ban on next-gen iPhone in Europe as well?

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Yesterday we heard that Samsung is planning to involve the yet unannounced iPhone 4S or 5 in the ongoing court battle between the two companies. The Koreans were reportedly getting ready to pursue a sales ban in their homeland. Today things are looking even more serious as Reuters reports that Samsung may actually open a wider front against Apple’s upcoming smartphone that includes Europe.

The patents in question refer to wireless standards and finding a workaround would be pretty tough for Apple. Reportedly, if Apple wants to use mobile communications with its next flagship phone they’ll have to use Samsung technology. Read more »

We go hands-on with the HTC Rhyme, the cool accessories are here, too [HANDS-ON]

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Another week, another HTC party – we didn’t even make it through the door when we were greeted by a lavender-colored Android miniature keychain. From then on, it was an easy guess that the HTC Rhyme is the guest of honor.

The Rhyme is designed with an emphasis on style and boasts a ton of accessories. Read more »

HTC has yet another event scheduled – what will they show on October 6th?

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Those HTC guys just keep the party train rolling – they have an event starting right about now (probably to announce the HTC Rhymes for Verizon) and they already have another event scheduled.

It will be held just two weeks from now, on October 6th, but HTC is playing coy and says it’s a “press conference and party”, but mention nothing of any devices they might announce. Read more »

HTC to make a Windows 8 tablet with ARM CPU?

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HTC is going to be among the manufacturers to come up with a Windows 8 tablet, based on an ARM CPU. Or at least that’s what latest online rumors say.

It comes from Eldar Murtazin, who has been somewhat of a hit and miss affair recently, so don’t get your hopes too high. Still, with HTC having a long and successful partnership with Microsoft over the past few years this one does look rather promising. Read more »

Samsung planning on making Bada OS open source next year?

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According to some insider information, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is en route to open-source its home-baked Bada OS next year, making it possible for developers and even other manufacturers to tinker with it.

The move, should it turn out true, will aim to bring some more manufacturers to the Bada ecosystem and turn it into a viable alternative to Android for mid-range and high-end phones. That would give Samsung some independence from Google and Android and is supposed to be brought on, in part, by the Google-Motorola deal. Read more »

Amazon Appstore drops US-only status, spreads to Europe, Australia and India

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One of the biggest competitors to Google’s Android Market is the controversially named Amazon Appstore. One of the main reasons for its popularity has been the free app that Amazon gives away everyday to users.

Unfortunately, so far the service has been limited to residents of the US. But not anymore, because it seems now the Appstore is expanding its reach to a wider customer base. Read more »

Two iPhones coming this Fall, JP Morgan says

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I know you are tired of all these rumors preceding the next iPhone release. Yet today some new information came up and it’s just too juicy and coming from too reputable source to be ignored.

According to a proprietary JP Morgan research, Apple will release not one but two smartphones this Fall, showing a China-oriented iPhone 4+ alongside the iPhone 5. Also, the next generation iPhone 5 with might not use the A5 chipset that’s powering the iPad 2, but the newly developed A6 SoC. A Read more »

Blurry photo reveals a mysterious super-slim Motorola slate, perhaps a 7″ Xoom?

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A blurry shot of an unannounced Motorola slate just surfaced. The super-slim tablet appears to be sporting a screen much smaller than that of the Xoom .

It’s most probably measuring 7 or 8 inches in diagonal (unless the phone sitting next to it is some 5″ monster). The upcomming Motorola slate is running Android Honeycomb (but that’s hardly a surprise now) as you can see the Honeycomb camera app running if you look really carefully. Read more »