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LA Noire is now playable on Android tablets via OnLive streaming

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When I first read through the headlines, at first I thought Rockstar has decided to port the LA Noire to Android, but it’s not the case. OnLive has updated the LA Noire game with touch-optimized controls and interface so you can play it on almost every Android tablet out there.

OnLive is a paid service where you can rent or buy games and play them on tablets, PCs, Macs or even TVs. The actual playing is done on the OnLive serves, you just get the picture via HD streaming. Read more »

Google I/O 2012 registration will be open 7AM PDT today, event starts June 27 [UPDATE: Tickets already sold out]

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Google has put up its website for the 2012 Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. Registration for the event will be open starting 7AM PDT in less than too hours, too, with regular tickets costing $900.

Starting June 27, the two-day conference promises to be interesting to say the least. Google is rumored to announce its sub $200 tablet, said to compete with the Kindle Fire. Read more »

This Galaxy Y Duos promo video is a thousand times cooler than the phone itself

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The Samsung-employed advertising agents have had no shortage of creativity recently. We covered all sorts of cool videos that they produced over the past few weeks, but it turns out the coolest was yet to come.

The Portuguese Samsung branch came up with one of the most impressive clips we have seen for quite some time, while trying to promote the unassuming Galaxy Y Duos smartphone. The video only took this guy, who was used as a screen, a projector and, well, plenty of inspiration to make. Read more »

Microsoft updates Windows Phone SDK, lower-spec’d smartphones now supported

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Microsoft just announced that it has updated the Windows Phone SDK. As the latest version of Windows Phone, 7.5 Refresh, gets ready for public release, the new version adds support for those lower-spec’d smartphones with just 256MB of RAM.

The WPSDK 7.1 is also said to be the version that developers should use if they have Windows 8-running machines. Other than extended compatibility, the new SDK doesn’t really add anything. Read more »

Angry Birds Rio updated on Android, new levels

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The droid version of Angry Birds Rio just got an update bringing users 12 new bonus levels.

Those are unlocked by collecting in-game achievements like collecting all the fruit in an episode or passing all the levels. Read more »

Colorful to release an insane Kudan iGame GeForce GTX 680

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Following the launch of the most powerful single-core GPU on the market to date, the GeForce GTX 680, the Chinese graphics card manufacturer Colorful is taking Nvidia’s PCB design to a whole new level of awesome.

What you are seeing is the Kudan iGame GeForce 680 GTX. It is powered by the GK104 core and contains the mind-boggling 1536 Cuda cores bundled with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. But what makes it even more special is its overclocking abilities. Read more »

Galaxy Nexus gets official MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

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After a couple of hacked alpha builds for the Galaxy Nexus, MIUI has finally released an official stable ROM for Google’s flagship device.

Arguably the best looking custom ROM available for Android, MIUI has often been compared to iOS due to the general UI design, which includes stuff like the lack of an application drawer, a feature standard on Android since the first version. Read more »

Temple Run now available on Android

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When it comes to simple yet addictive games, few can beat Temple Run. The game has been available on iOS for a while now and has finally arrived on the Android Market Google Play Store.

So what is the objective of the game? You run. Run like you’ve never run before. Run for you life. Run from the crazy monkeys out to get you, all the time jumping over obstacles and collecting coins. Read more »

The new iPad is magical

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We ran across this awesome clip I simply had to share with you.

Lets just say if you dig magic tricks and iPads, you wouldn’t want to miss this. Read more »

Skype update brings Retina support for the iPad

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iPad 2 owner? Still not convinced your slate is obsolete? Well Skype might be in it to show you otherwise.

The chat giant has issued an update that optimizes Skype for the iPad’s Retina display. Read more »

Gameloft announces 2012 game lineup, Dark Knight Rises is the biggest name on the list

by 27 comments

Gameloft has come forward with a few tidbits about what we can expect from them for 2012.

Apart from a host of big-name titles, which include the highly-anticipated Dark Knight game, Gameloft has plans to integrate in-app purchases as well as a bevy of social features into all of their upcoming releases. Read more »

Angry Birds Space hits 10 million downloads in less than 3 days

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The Angry Birds hasn’t cooled off, even after being around for over two years. The new major release – Angry Birds Space – that launched less than a week ago has already seen millions of downloads.

Angry Birds’ Twitter account broke the news that Space saw more than 10 million downloads across the various platforms – and that’s just for the first three days since its release. Read more »

Ark takes the art of people search a step further than Facebook and Google

by 20 comments

Social networking has boomed in the last years, but searching people isn’t taking a great part in either Facebook’s or Google’s strategies. This is where Ark comes in.

Funded by start-up pusher Y Combinator, Ark helps you do people searches a bunch of different social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Orkut and MySpace. Read more »

ICS update for the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket leaks ahead of rollout

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If you happen to own the AT&T-only Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, you don’t have to feel jealous of your friends that own the international version anymore. The LTE-touting edition of the popular smartphone just got its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, through a leaked ROM.

Everyone who knows their way around flashing a ROM manually can grab the leaked file and give their Skyrockets a taste of the latest from the Google kitchen. There’s also a root solution already, so you won’t be losing any extra functionality if you make the switch. Read more »

Windows Phone wins ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ challenge “just because” [UPDATED]

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You may have heard about the Smoked by Windows Phone competition by now. In these events, a Windows Phone device is pitted against any other smartphone and both are made to do a simple task, with the winner being the one who completes it first. The task is usually something as simple as taking a picture and uploading it to Facebook or finding directions to a place. But as it turns out, this challenge is not as fair as Microsoft makes it out to be, as Sahas Katta of Skatter Tech found out the hard way.

Katta was in a Microsoft store where he wanted to take part in the competition. He was armed with his new Galaxy Nexus. The challenge given to him was to bring up the weather of two different cities as quickly as possible. Read more »