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Microsoft sums up everything that’s great about Windows Phone Mango in a cool video ad

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Microsoft has just released a new ad about the upcoming Mango update of its Windows Phone smartphone platform. This one is targeted more at developers than users, but it is still a nice way to learn why it’s worth picking WP 7.1 for your next smartphone.

Microsoft has kept the video short and simple, but that hasn’t made it any less impressive. Read more »

Google Goggles updated, search-everything-you-shoot feature added

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Google has just announced a new version of their Goggles app for initiating searches with camera photos. Version 1.6 brings a cool new opt-in feature, which works in background to analyze every image you take and gives you notifications of anything it recognizes in it.

So now you don’t actually need to start the app and then shoot something to start a search – you just run the camera as usual and your Android smartphone will inform you if there’s anything recognizable in your photos. Read more »

Thunderbolt support announced for Wintel platform, should be here in 2012

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Apple’s implementation of Intel’s Light Peak technology is going places. Intel has now announced that they will be bringing the technology to Windows-based computers as well, with companies like ASUS and Acer joining the bandwagon and getting their products ready for a 2012 launch.

Being the same essential technology, Thunderbolt on these other devices will work the same way as it does on the new range of Mac computers. It will have the same specifications and features that Apple touts for its new range of Macs and will work with the same set of accessories. Read more »

HTC Desire HD gets a Beats audio-enabled ROM, laughs in the face of the HTC Sensation XE

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HTC were touting the Sensation XE as the first Beats audio-featuring smartphone, but it turns out that it’s not. Thanks to the ever helpful XDA-developers community, the HTC Desire HD got its own Beats-enabled ROM way before the Sensation XE market availability.

The Desire HD ROM in question is based on a leaked Runnymede ROM, so you can be sure that the audio tweaks it brings are authentic. Read more »

You can now unlock your Flyer bootloader with the HTC web tool

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HTC just added another device to the support list of their bootloader unlocking web tool. The Flyer is the third HTC droid to embrace custom ROMs with the blessing of its maker after the revision of the company’s bootloader policy.

So, if you happen to own an HTC Flyer and you always wanted to customize it beyond what the HTC Sense could offer you, hit this link and follow the simple instructions. According to HTC, though, unlocking the bootloader itself might void your warranty (you should double-check to be sure) so only proceed if you really need it. Read more »

The Apple iPhone 4 declared slimmer than the Samsung Galaxy S II

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has just declared the Apple iPhone 4 as slimmer than the Samsung Galaxy S II for all marketing purposes. ASA is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media, even on the Internet.

This action was prompted by a complaint received over an iPhone ad, which states the iPhone to be the thinnest smartphone in the world. The Galaxy S II has, however, claimed to be slimmer than its arch rival since day one. So the ASA had to go in a straighten things up. Read more »

Windows 8 to offer Xbox Live on PC says Major Nelson following BUILD

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Major Nelson is the go-to guy on Xbox, real name Larry Hryb, the Major covers all things Xbox, Kinect and LIVE.

Xbox LIVE on Windows 8

Following the BUILD conference just the other day, Larry posted on his blog that next year, Xbox LIVE will be appearing on Windows 8. Read more »

Windows 8 in 8 minutes: all you need to know about Windows’ next step [VIDEO]

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The boys over at have waded through the full 3 hour keynote from Microsoft’s BUILD event and condensed all of the must-see features of Windows 8 down into a handy 8-minute video.

Microsoft Build Conference Logo

Of course if you want the full-fat 3 hour long version, the Microsoft team will no doubt have it available on the BUILD microsite soon. Read more »

The LG Optimus Black, finally comes to US shores, with a few cosmetic tweaks

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On this side of the Atlantic, LG fans have been able to enjoy the benefits of the LG Optimus Black for sometime, but until now, US fans have been kept in the dark.

LG Marquee

It would appear that this is about to change however, as the LG Optimus Black will be coming to Sprint in the US, not quite as we know it though. Read more »

A desktop AMD FX CPU wins the Guiness overclocking world record, hits a staggering 8.429GHz [VIDEO]

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We as a race have always had a fascination with speed, making faster cars with better aerodynamics, pushing the global network faster and faster with fiber optic broadband and for power users, a PC needs a lightning fast brain to deal with those heavy duty tasks.

holy cow!

But what about trying to squeeze the greatest clock speed you can out of a stock CPU, just for the sake of it. Read more »

PlayStation Vita Japan launch date announced, NTT DoCoMo to provide 3G connectivity

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Sony has announced the launch date for the highly anticipated PlayStation Vita. The device will be launching in Japan On December 17 this year. Unfortunately, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, we are still looking at an early 2012 launch.

For the 3G connectivity, Sony has partnered with NTT DoCoMo, who has a couple of plans on offer. The 20 hour plan will cost ¥980 ($13) and the 100 hour plan will cost ¥4,980 ($65). Read more »

Philips Xenium x525 goes official, provides up to 1.5 months worth of stand-by time

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Power to the people is a somewhat apt term for this phone, as it’d be hard, nigh impossible for users to complain about battery life on the Philips Xenium x525.

Philips Xenium x525 Official

The x525 offers around 50 days worth of standby time or approximately 1200 hours in all. Oh and did I mention, this is a dual-SIM phone too. Read more »

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview right here, back up your current installation while you’re at it

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We have been itching to get our hands on Windows 8 – which is still just a working title, by the way – ever since the first screenshots surfaced. But when Microsoft officially unveiled it to the public yesterday the itch turned into a proverbial rash.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait for long to try it out for ourselves because Microsoft has has finally released the Developer Preview on their website for everyone to download. Read more »

Microsoft unveils Windows 8, the next major release of its computer OS

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Today at its developer-focused BUILD conference Microsoft is showcasing (currently) the latest major release of its wide-spread Windows OS – dubbed Windows 8. It features a new UI – Metro Style, which looks like an overgrown version of its WP7 for smartphones, improvements on performance, security, privacy and reliability, and more.

Windows 8 tries to substitute what we do with a mouse and keyboard with touch swipe gestures, while at the same time still providing the same experience if you want to go the peripheral way. The new Metro UI features the all-too-familiar live tiles from Windows Phone 7, which are implemented in the Metro UI’s Start Screen. This screen unites all of your live tiles, widgets, apps, people, content and more. It’s basically your main homescreen. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II’s first US video ad is a nice break from the Euro video shorts

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The Samsung Galaxy S II is just about to hit US shores and we just got its first video ad. It’s quite different in style to the ads released in Europe, going for the more serious tone this time.

Now we are not sure anyone needs convincing about purchasing the Galaxy S II at this point. The handset took its sweet time crossing the Atlantic, so most users have probably made up their mind already. But some publicity never hurt anyone’s market prospects so we can see Samsung’s point. Read more »