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Amazon releases 6.2.2 update to Kindle Fire users, Silk browser goes full-screen

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Kindle Fire users are reporting that an OTA update is rolling out, bringing the Kindle Fire software version up to v6.2.2. Amazon still hasn’t officially announced it though.

The most notable feature of the update is full-screen mode for the web browser of the Kindle Fire. Read more »

VW teases its next Superbowl commercial – the Bark Side of the force

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Last February Volkswagen showed the World its “The Force” commercial, which quite frankly rocked.

Now it’s that time of the year again – the Superbowl, America’s sports event slash holiday and Volkswagen seem keen to take over the TV sportlight (get it) once again. What we have is a teaser promo for the sequel – The Bark Side. Read more »

First Max Payne 3 gameplay video pops up, shows great effort from Rockstar

by 38 comments

The first release trailer of Max Payne 3 left us with many questions about the game’s graphics, mechanics and overall feel. Would it build on the previous two iterations of the game or would it just ruin it in a blink of an eye?

Fortunately, the latest video from Max Payne 3 happens to be a gameplay one and let me tell you – it gives answers to all our doubts. Read more »

Dell announces Alienware X51, the smallest Alienware gaming desktop ever

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The words ‘affordable’ and ‘Alienware’ don’t usually go together but with the new Alienware X51, Dell intends to change that. It is the smallest Alienware desktop gaming system so far and also the cheapest. But despite the starting price of ‘just’ $699, the new Alienware X51 packs in decent hardware.

For starters you get a 3.3GHz Core i3-2120 processor as standard with the option to upgrade to a Core i5 or i7. You also get a full-size Nvidia GeForce GT545 with 1GB GDDR5 memory with an option to choose the GT555. Read more »

Ice Cream Sandwich update for Motorola Xoom starts rolling out, US Wi-Fi version gets it first

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The first proper Android tablet is finally getting its long overdue serving of Ice Cream Sandwich. Users in the US with the Wi-Fi-only model have reported the presence of an over the air update that upgrades their Xooms to the latest version of Android.

Unfortunately, it seems those are the only people who have got the update for now, with the 3G and international models still rocking the same old Honeycomb update. Read more »

ASUS gives extended warranty to Transformer Prime users in UK suffering from GPS issues

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ASUS has put up a post on their official blog asking their users to return their Transformer Prime TF201 for a full refund in case they are not satisfied with the GPS performance. For those who have decided to stick with it, they will be offering an extended warranty, taking it up to 18 months.

As you may have heard by now or experienced first hand if you’re an owner, the Transfomer Prime has some pretty serious GPS issues. Read more »

The BPS look at how smartphones could be a major cause of stress in your life

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Following a recent survey commissioned by the British Psychological Society, it seems that smartphone use can directly influence your stress levels.

The smartphone stress 'look'

100 Britons from different occupations underwent a psychometric stress test and were quizzed on the interactions they had with their smartphones throughout the day. The results eluded to the fact that stress levels become elevated based on the number of times a person checked for emails and texts. Read more »

BlackBerry Bold 9790 stops by, we take it for a spin [VIDEO]

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The BlackBerry Bold 9790 has just arrived in our office. It’s the second BlackBerry OS 7 running Bold we get our hands on and just as the Bold 9900, the 9790 also comes with a touchscreen.

The Bold 9790 is has less-capable raw power and specs than the Bold 9900 – it comes with a smaller 2.45″ HVGA touchscreen, a 1GHz processor and a 5 megapixel snapper capable of capturing VGA videos. Read more »

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigns after 17 years of service

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Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s co-founder and former CEO, resigned on Tuesday to pursuit interests outside Yahoo!.

This comes as a bit of a shock from Yang, who co-founded Yahoo! in 1995 with David Filo and managed the company as a CEO from June 2007 to January 2009, when he was forced to step down after saying “No” to Microsoft’s acquisition offer. Read more »

IPv6 to finally go live on June 6 2012, countdown begins

by 7 comments

We knew it had to happen eventually, but now we already have an exact date to look forward to. Google has just announced that it will be joining a bunch of other major internet companies in a coordinated launch of the next-generation Internet protocol on June 6 this year.

IPv6 is the replacement for the current version of the Internet Protocol, IPv4, which ran out of addresses quite some time ago. Read more »

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II vs Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II – know the differences [TABLE]

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As you might have heard, Samsung introduced a second Galaxy S II international version, called I9100G in November. Back then the company plans for the device were unclear, but now we are starting to see what it’s all about.

The Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II replaces the original I9100 Galaxy S II smartphone in some markets. Many of our readers contacted us sharing their experience of buying a I9100, only to find out that they got the I9100G version.

The question is, should you really care if you get one or the other. To help you answer that we’ve put together a comparison table, which should highlight the differences between the two international Galaxy S II versions. Read more »

All you need is projection mapping and ideas – an Audi video show

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If you’re not familiar with projection mapping (or video mapping), it’s a way to convey movement and artistic effects to an object that’s standing still.

We’ve seen those done by Samsung and LG on various buildings in various cities, especially 3D projection mapping. It looks awesome and, for me, is an art form all on its own. Read more »

LG announces Optimus Pad LTE with 8.9-inch display and Honeycomb, launching initially in Korea

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LG has announced a new tablet for its homeland called the Optimus Pad LTE. Compared to the regular Optimus Pad, there are quite a few differences, other than the inclusion of LTE.

For starters, the design is new. The Optimus Pad LTE is thinner at just 9.34mm compared to the 12.7mm thickness of the non-LTE version. It’s also lighter at just 497g compared to the 621g of the Optimus Pad. Other changes include a larger 6,800mAh battery, which is up by 400mAh over the standard version despite the reduced thickness and weight, dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor that replaces the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor on the non-LTE model and a simpler 8 megapixel camera instead of the dual 5 megapixel 3D camera on the back. Read more »

Rumor has it February will see the launch of the iPad 3 at one of Apple’s special events

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Fire up the rumor mill, another Apple product has appeared on the horizon.

Is the iPad 3 just around the corner?

There are whispers that come February, Tim Cook will be telling us about ‘the greatest iPad yet’, or words to that effect at a special event expected to take place early next month. Read more »

We unbox the Nokia Lumia 710 and share our first impressions [VIDEO]

by 31 comments

The international version of the Nokia Lumia 710 dropped by our office following the US-bound one and we’re ready to share our first impressions of it. The first thing we noticed was the extra large box – bigger than the boxes most other phones come in – but the contents are pretty standard.

As for the phone itself, it was a pleasant surprise. The Lumia 710 sits slightly lower on the ladder than the Lumia 800, but it has the same hardware inside along with a screen with the same size and resolution. Read more »