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South Korea reveals the Ecorium project – one of the most amazing natural reserves you will ever see

South Korea has just announced its Ecorium project – a huge natural reserve, similar to the Eden project in the UK. The country most popular with its electronics manufacturing is going to invest 80 million euro in a series of interlinking domes, stretching over 30 090 square feet.

The Ecorium project

Each dome is wedge-shaped greenhouse, which can track the sun and adapt the internal environment appropriately to create a global eco-environment across the spaces. No shade is used, only shade simulation by arrangement. The exterior is finished in metal panel, low iron low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglas.

The Ecorium project

The wider plans of the sponsor of the project, the National Ecological Institute of South Korea involve creating a large wild plant reserve, wetlands reserve, visitors centre and railway join the Ecorium. They certainly think big those guys, don’t they?



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