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High-tech hotels warm up rooms with a waterfall, use iPhones as keys

If you are already running out of ideas where to spend your holidays than you might want to check this out. The guys from the popular Men’s website have come up with a list of the top ten high-tech hotels in the world. I don’t know about you, but they all made it on my “Things to see before I die” list.

Helix Hotel

I guess I will have to wait for that though as the winner in this “The Geekiest of places” competition is still to be built. The Helix Hotel in Abu Dhabi might look like a Horseshoe pitching stake but it will have its temperature and humidity managed by a waterfall in the atrium. Now seriously, how cool is that? The Helix Hotel will also sport a huge glass wall that will periodically slide open, allowing a fresh sea breeze to blow in.

The other hotel that attracted my attention is the Blow Up Hall in Poznan, Poland. Instead of wasting their time with those magnetic stripe cards, they just hand out iPhones to all of their guests, which grant access to the rooms thanks to some sort of recognition technology. You can also use the handset to call your concierge, surf the net and view preloaded local tourist info. The question remains can you use your handset if you happen to already own an iPhone or you have to carry two of those. But I’m just nitpicking.

Check out the rest of this list over here.


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