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YouTube Video Speed Dashboard clocks you Internet connection speed

Google is employed by speed demons and they’d like to carry that speed-lovin’ spirit to YouTube users by their YouTube Video Speed Dashboard. The Dashboard is a nifty statistics web app that shows you your average download speed from YouTube overtime, compared to the average for your ISP, your city and country.

First Google started their own DNS, which they claimed is faster, then came the SPDY protocol, a proposed faster alternative of HTTP. Google are also going to launch their own ISP that will provide 1Gbps Internet access to consumers.

The YouTube Video Speed Dashboard provides two nice charts showing how you current speed compares to the speed of others in your region and a speed comparison over the last 30 days. I guess it will also be a good “ours is faster” type of advertisement when their ISP launches.

Go on, go and brag to your friends how fast your Internet connection is, it’s better than competing SuperPI scores. Jokes aside, this is a good, reliable measure for ISP speeds.



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