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A Mass Effect movie would generate a tremendous amount of interest, BioWare still play it cool

In an interview for MTV, the project director of Mass Effect 2 shared some very interesting info. While Mass Effect 2 will be released tomorrow (USA) and Friday (Europe), the interest in a motion picture based on the game universe grows rapidly.

The first Mass Effect game was a huge success and won a lot of fans with its huge and very well developed world and characters. Of course the story was as good as the rest of the game and the rumors of a Hollywood production started circling only months after the initial Mass Effect release.

Only a day (or a few) holds us from the official launch of the sequel, but it’s already tagged as an industry benchmark for its incredible and incomparable world, non-linear story, characters, relationship realism and gameplay. The best-respected gaming publications have rated Mass Effect 2 from 9.5/10 to 10/10 and didn’t spare their compliments. Even BioWare themselves claim this is the best game they have ever created.

The great popularity certainly attracts Hollywood, just like WarCraft, Prince of Persia, Blood Rayne, Alone in the Dark, etc did before. Well Uwe Boll did ruin quite a lot of movies based on games, but Sam Reimi got to work on the WarCraft movie, while Prince of Persia is almost ready and I believe it will become a blockbuster.

Anyway the Mass Effect 2 project director Casey Hudson says: “Obviously we have a tremendous amount of interest from people in Hollywood to make a major motion picture about ‘Mass Effect’. The most important thing for us is, we don’t just want to see a movie get made. We want to see a great movie get made, if it’s going to get done at all.”

He then continued to say that “We’re just looking at our options there, but waiting to make sure we have something really right before we do it.”.

I am more than happy that BioWare won’t sell the Mass Effect rights to the highest bidder, but will ensure they will go with the best idea and scenario. And when the time comes I really believe we are going to see an epic movie.



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