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Opera report reveals some interesting trends in mobile web usage

Did you know that Twitter and Facebook are respectively the fastest-growing and the largest social networks in the world? Oh, you did… Well, nonetheless, there are some other pretty interesting facts to be learned from the mobile web report that Opera just published.

According to the report in December 2009, more than 46.3 million people used Opera Mini, marking an 11% increase compared to November 2009 and 159% increase compared to December 2008.

Those 46.3 million people viewed more than 20.7 billion pages and generated more than 315 TB of data. Those numbers are about 10 percent higher than the previous month and more than 3 times as much as the same month of 2008. What’s more interesting though is the fact that had those users not used Opera Mini, which compreses web pages by about 90%, 2.6 PB (that’s petabytes) worth of data would have been transferred to their mobile phones. Impressive, right?

And there is an interesting one for you – do you know which social network did Facebook beat for the number 1 spot in the social networking chart? The answer Vkontakte… I’m having a hard time believing that too but apparently it’s amazingly popular with the Russian speaking users of Opera.

It’s interesting noting that every social network but for Friendster has shown significant user growth, with Twitter reaching the astounding 2800%.

For more interesting facts about how Opera Mini users roll you can find the rest of the report over here.


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