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Here’s a nifty 1080p shootout between the iPhone 4S and a Canon 5d MKII DSLR, camcorder geeks rejoice

With the hype circling around Siri there hasn’t been much talk of the new iPhone’s 8 MP camera and especially the bumped up 1080p video recording.

Let’s get down to it – an enthusiast decided to pit the iPhone 4S against the immensely popular among film makers Canon 5d MkII. The discipline of choice was video recording and the result is pretty damn interesting.

Now don’t get us wrong, the Canon DSLR is the victor here surely, but the iPhone 4S did held its own very well. As the iPhone doesn’t offer too many settings the big camera had to be configured to match (as closely as possible) the settings on its rival. Here’s the video itself, be sure to select HD if that isn’t on by default.

Both camcorders are set to 30fps and the Canon’s f-stops and ISO levels were adjusted per shot to match the iPhone’s. There’s noticeably more detail in the Canon 5d MKII’s videos and colors look more realistic but colder. But in terms of smoothness the iPhone 4S keeps up nicely. We also can’t see any advantage of the DSLR in terms of dynamic range, which is kinda curious.



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