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The iPhone 4 was used to record some scenes in ‘The Avengers’, informs cinematographer Seamus McGarvey [Update: He didn't]

It’s not uncommon for mobile phones these days to be used for shooting advertisements or music videos. However, it’s not often you hear about a mobile phone camera being used to record a big budget movie.

Now of course, the iPhone 4 here wasn’t used to record the whole of ‘The Avengers‘, which is slated for release next year. But cinematographer Seamus McGarvey has disclosed in an interview that he used an iPhone 4 to record certain parts of the movie. He also said that some of them have been featured in the trailer, which can be found below.

Now that’s really impressive stuff, because even after going through the trailer I couldn’t figure out which parts were shot by the phone and McGarvey was not kind enough to divulge that information to us. But it’s proof as to how much mobile phone cameras have progressed in recent years, where they can now be used in feature films without anyone even noticing any difference in quality.

Let’s see if you can spot the parts that were recorded by the iPhone 4.

Update: Seamus McGarvey is now saying that he was misquoted regarding the claim about recording certain scenes in ‘The Avengers’ with an iPhone 4 and that he actually recorded the movie with an Arri Alexa.



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