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Angry birds fly straight into F1 – check out the new helmet of Heikki Kovalainen

The Formula 1 season is just about the start and there will be a surprising new presence on the grid this year. We are talking the title that became a synonym for mobile gaming, Angry Birds, which will appear on the helmet of Heikki Kovalainen.

Rovio managed to strike a deal with their compatriot and Caterham driver and his helmet was branded with the immensely popular game. It’s unclear if the deal will only last for a few races or the whole season, as the submitted official image of Kovailainen’s helmet has no Angry birds on it.

Regardless, it’s impressive that thanks to a single smartphone title a company that wasn’t on the map mere three years ago can now afford ad space in the world’s most expensive sport!

You can check out the official helmet images for all the drivers ahead of the Melbourne start this weekend by following this link.



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