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Real Racing 3 announcement trailer is out, previews jaw-dropping graphics

by 77 comments

EA and Firemonkeys has released the first trailer of the third installment of the popular mobile racing simulator Real Racing. And it looks simply astonishing.

The devs behind Real Racing 3 have really put their hearts into making the game match its title. As you’ll see in the trailer below, the 3D car models, reflections and the various effects are given a lot of attention. Read more »

Gameloft teased its first Unreal engine game in a piece of artwork

by 16 comments

The folks at Gameloft have chosen a rather original way to tease their first video game, which will use the Unreal engine. The company has released a piece of artwork, which suggests something bloody an epic coming our way.

To make the matter even more interesting, the developers from the video game powerhouse have hidden a hint about the upcoming video game in the image above. Read more »

Dead Trigger is now free for iOS devices as well, points a finger at piracy again

by 37 comments

Dead Trigger is available for download free of charge on the Apple App Store. After the tough decision was made for Android a while back, now Madfinger Games has decided to do the same for iOS.

The problem boils down to piracy, according to the game studio’s CEO Marek Rabas. He points out that the number of pirates on iOS is roughly the same as the amount of jailbroken devices. Read more »

EA updates Dead Space for Android, adds support for Google Nexus 7

by 8 comments

The highly popular survival third-person shooter game for Android Dead Space has been updated and is now fully compatible with the hot-on-the-shelves Google Nexus 7.

The game will set you back $6.99, its great graphics taking advantage of the Tegra 3 powerhouse inside the Nexus 7 should make shelling this kind of cash more than worthwhile. Read more »

‘Asphalt 7: Heat’ for iOS and Android game review

by 41 comments

The Asphalt series of games are widely regarded as the best arcade racing games on mobile. They are often compared to the Need for Speed series on the consoles, which is a good thing as it is one of the best and most popular series of arcade racing games on any platform.

The latest iteration in the Asphalt series is Asphalt 7: Heat. The first time we got a glimpse of this game was in the promotional material for the Samsung Galaxy S III, although the game itself arrived on iOS first, as they usually do, and it’s only now after almost a months has it made an appearance on Android. Read more »

The Dark Knight Rises for iOS and Android game review

by 20 comments

We are no strangers to seeing movie tie-in games that come out shortly after the release of a big budget movie. But recently, these games have started appearing on mobile devices as well. We saw Temple Run: Brave, The Amazing Spider-man and now The Dark Knight Rises, releasing just weeks apart from each other.

Today we will be taking a look at The Dark Knight Rises, a game based on arguably the best movie that has come out this year so far. The movie had raised everyone’s expectations sky high and managed to meet and exceed most of them. On the contrary, no one is expecting anything from the Batman game and with the history of movie tie-in games it would be a surprise if it is any good. We decided to find out if that is the case. Read more »

Gameloft’s Asphalt 7: Heat hits the Play Store for $0.99

by 24 comments

Good news for all racing fans – the Asphalt 7: Heat has finally made it to the Google’s Play Store. The game has been released more than five weeks ago on the Apple’s App Store, but is only now coming to Android users.

Asphalt 7: Heat offers 60 different cars, 15 challenging tracks, 6 game modes and even more eye-candy graphics. Read more »

Razer announces Ouroboros, wireless customizable gaming mouse

by 25 comments

Razer has announced the latest entrant in its gaming series of mice, called the Ouroboros. Keeping with their tradition of naming their products after extinct or mythical creatures, the Ouroboros mouse shares its name with an ancient symbol depicting a serpent swallowing its own tail and forming a circle.

The Ouroboros has got quite an interesting design. It has a customizable design that reminds one of the Cyborg R.A.T.7, although it is not quite as customizable. What you can do on the Ouroboros is adjust the length of the back arch, making the mouse longer. The arch also tilts so you can have a shape that fits your palm best. Read more »

Crytek’s senior lightning artist leaks breathtaking Crysis 3 screenshots

by 64 comments

Crysis has always been famous with its awesome graphics and expectations have always been tremendous. The first game was a breakthrough in the PC graphics, but the second one couldn’t quite achieve the same heights due to its multi-platform nature. Still, Crysis 2 remained an amazing looking game and we were curious to see what its successor will look like.

On this year’s E3 Crytek showed a short but stunning demo of Crysis 3 in action. Today a few screenshots of the demo’s Canyon environment leaked for us to feast our eyes on. Read more »

Dead Trigger is now free on Android, devs blame rampant piracy on Android

by 90 comments

One of the hottest mobile games of this summer – Dead Trigger – is now free on Android’s Play Store. This is not a limited time promotion, nor has the developer implemented in-game ads to make up for drop in price.

The reason is something Android has been blamed since its dawn – the piracy rate. Read more »

Tiny Wings for iOS game review

by 16 comments

You may have heard about the game Tiny Wings by now. It was released in February last year and so far has only been available on the iPhone and iPod touch.

A few days ago, developer Andreas Illiger released the v2.0 of Tiny Wings that introduces some new gameplay mechanics, along with an iPad version. Let’s take a look at it. Read more »

Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises hits Android and iOS, takes 1.7GB and costs $6.99

by 41 comments

The third Christopher Nolan Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises, is starting to hit cinemas, and Gameloft has just launched the official Dark Knight Rises mobile game to accompany the premiere.

The game looks stunning which justifies the pretty high $6.99 (£4.99) price tag it carries. Gameloft also says it’s optimized for the Google Nexus 7, so it’s a perfect title to spend your $25 Play Store credit that comes with it. Read more »

Upcoming ‘Dead Trigger’ update brings new weapons, enemies and environments

by 13 comments

It’s not even been a month since launch and Madfinger Games are already planning to release a major update to their newest game Dead Trigger.

The upcoming 1.1.0 update brings a ton of new content to this game. Read more »

Fieldrunners 2 now available on iPhone, iPad version coming soon

by 11 comments

One of the best tower defense games I’ve played, Fieldrunners, is getting a sequel. The first game was very popular on iOS and Android and it was also released on PSP, Nintendo DS, Chrome and more.

Fieldrunners 2 has just arrived at the Apple’s App Store and is available for purchase on all compatible iPhones (3GS or later) and iPod Touch (3rd gen or later). Read more »

Lara Croft and Guardian of Light hits the Play Store, is exclusive to Xperia devices for now

by 10 comments

Square Enix has finally ported its game – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – on to Android. We reported that this game is coming to Android way back in September last year, when it was supposed to arrive in November but it took nearly a year to get released. Meanwhile, the iOS version has been selling since last year and even the PlayBook got it in April.

Like we said back then, this version of the game will be exclusive to the Xperia series of devices for a limited time. Also, not all Xperia devices but just the Xperia S, Xperia ion and the Xperia PLAY. Every other device will simply show up as incompatible on the game page. Read more »