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Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio updated with more levels

Rovio just updated its Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio titles with new levels. Just two days before the launch of the brand new Angry Birds Space game, the company’s developers delivered a nice treat to the Angry Birds addicts around the world.

Angry Birds new UI • Angry Birds Rio new bonus levels

The original Angry Birds game got 15 new tropical themed levels, part of the new 45-level Surf and Turf episode. In addition to the new levels, the update also brings new UI, new animated tutorial and some gameplay improvements such as the fast-forward key for quickly jump to the score screen after you’ve killed the last pig.

The Angry Birds Rio game also gets new levels. Even though the game storyline reached its conclusion, Rovio added 12 new levels for those who collected all three stars (6 levels) and all golden fruits (6 levels) in each episode.

In case you’ve missed the hidden Golden Beachball episode in Rio, you should do a web search to see how it is unlocked (it offers 15 really tough to beat levels).

According to Rovio, this is not the last update for Angry Birds Rio. As far as the original Angry Birds is concerned – there are at least two more updates on the way (for the new Surf and Turf episode). And I highly doubt they’ll be the last ones, either.

Now get those new levels so you can have something to do until Angry Birds Space launches on March 22.


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