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Angry Birds Space for Android also comes in premium and tablet-optimized versions

Amidst all the excitement surrounding the launch of Angry Birds Space one important bit of news that got missed out was the fact that Angry Birds Space is the first version of the game on Android that also has a ad-free premium version ($0.99), along with a tablet-optimized ‘HD’ version ($2.99).

When the game got launched, like most people I ended up downloading the free version, thinking that as usual it would be the only version available. Google also advertises only the free version on its Google Play homepage. Moreover, Rovio has named the paid version ‘Angry Birds Space Premium’, instead of just calling it ‘Angry Bird Space’ and calling the free version ‘Angry Birds Space Free’, so when you search for “Angry Birds Space”, you get the free version on top with the premium version somewhere below.

All these issues aside, I’m glad that Rovio has at least decided to offer users the option to go for the premium version instead of having to compulsorily put up with the ads that take up half the screen and consume over 70 percent of your battery. I would also like them to add an option to upgrade to the paid version from within the free app for those who have already played a lot of the levels on the free version and don’t want to start all over again by downloading a new version.

If the premium version of the Angry Birds Space becomes a commercial success, it would make other developers want to make premium version of their apps and put to rest the myth that Android users don’t like paying for their apps.

Angry Birds Space PremiumAngry Birds Space HD


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